Samsung WD90T984DSH, a washer-dryer with AddWash

samsung wd90t984dsh cabecera.jpg
samsung wd90t984dsh cabecera.jpg

The Samsung WD90T984DSH , Samsung WD90T984DSH / S3 or Samsung Quickdrive WD90T984DSH is a very practical and functional washer-dryer. With this Samsung washer-dryer you can have your laundry clean and dry in a very comfortable and simple way.

We talk about the Samsung WD90T984DSH

When choosing a good washing machine, we not only have to look at whether we like its design or the load capacity it has, but also its programs and functions. Especially if, in addition, it also performs the functions of a dryer. Luckily, in the market we can always find complete washing machines such as the Samsung WD90T984DSH, Samsung WD90T984DSH / S3 or Samsung Quickdrive WD90T984DSH.

In the case of this model, in particular, we see that it has a white design, a classic in household appliances that are usually located in the kitchen. In addition, it offers us a load capacity of 9 kg to wash and 6 kg to dry.

For the rest, as you will see below, it presents a fairly simple style, although with the advantage of having the Add Wash basket that, as we will explain, allows you to add clothes that we have forgotten when washing, even if the cycle has already started.

A washer-dryer that is committed to technology

If this washer-dryer is characterized in one thing, it is that it brings very useful and interesting technologies. First of all, we cannot fail to mention the EcoBubble technology , which is typical of Samsung washing machines.

With this technology, the washing machine will cause the detergent to become bubbles so that it can penetrate them better and faster. Thus, dirt will be removed in a much easier way, while saving energy and protecting the characteristics of the garments.

The Samsung WD90T984DSH also includes QuickDrive technology , which will mean you don’t have to wait so long with wash cycles, since it cuts the time in half, while maintaining the same results. And that’s not all, it is also capable of washing with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this feature, great results are achieved without requiring so much effort. For this, with 4 types of sensors , the washer-dryer will determine the weight of the laundry and calculate the amount of water and detergent you need. Later, as it has a turbidity sensor, if necessary add more detergent or time to rinse.

The last technology that we have to mention and that is important in this washer-dryer is the Digital Inverter Technology. This makes mention of the motor, since it has been manufactured with magnets and does not include brushes, so there is not so much friction and, thus, you do not have to make as much effort.

Samsung WD90T984DSH

Keeps your clothes and your interior always clean and fresh

In addition, the Samsung WD90T984DSH keeps your interior and clothing always clean and fresh. This is because it includes a series of functions and programs that help everything to be very sanitized.

For example, one of them is Air Wash , which eliminates odor and also disinfects clothes by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria with hot air, without boiling or using chemicals of any kind. In fact, in this regard it should be mentioned that it also includes steam programs that achieve the same result, such as, for example, Hygiene and Bedding.

But, as we have said, it is not only important to keep clothes clean. We also have to take care of the drum so that dirt or bad odors do not accumulate that can impregnate our clothes. For this, this washing machine includes a function called Drum Wash +.

This feature removes dirt and odor-causing bacteria without the need for expensive detergents. Thanks to the pressurized water and the fast spin, the washing machine will stay clean by removing dirt from the door seal. The best? The washing machine itself will inform you when it needs a wash.

Likewise, we cannot forget the StayClean bucket , which will always be clean of detergent residues after washing through the drainage system that it comes with.

Samsung WD90T984DSH

Designed to make your life easier

And to conclude with the characteristics of this washing machine, we will name some of the aspects that greatly facilitate the work. First, the bubble prewash function , which soaks clothes intensively. Then, the AddWash basket, so you can add the clothes you have forgotten, as well as the Artificial Intelligence that learns automatically and suggests personalized programs.

In addition, you have the Super Speed program (39 mins). If at any time you are in a hurry and need your clothes ready ahead of time, you can always use this program that will wash the load in just 39 minutes.

Samsung WD90T984DSH

Features of the Samsung WD90T984DSH / S3 or Samsung Quickdrive WD90T984DSH



Washing capacity (kg): 9.0 kg
Energy Efficiency Class: B
EcoBubble Technology: Yes
Washing capacity (kg) 9.0 kg
Drying capacity (kg) 6.0 kg
Colour: White
Door: Gray
Display: Artificial intelligence
Energy Efficiency Class: B
Energy consumption (per cycle): 7.29 kWh
Water consumption (per cycle): 126 L
Spin efficiency: TO
Washing efficiency: TO
Sound power (washing): 52 dB
Sound power (spin): 74 dB
Noise Level (Drying): 62 dB
Net Dimension (W x H x D) 600 x 850 x 600 mm
Net weight 86 kg
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) 666 x 890 x 697 mm
Gross weight 88 kg
Total depth 674 mm
WiFi Embedded: Yes
SmartThings App Support: Yes



Opinions from the Samsung WD90T984DSH

This washer-dryer is good value for money. It has a classic white design that includes the Add Wash basket, so it is very practical. Of course, the LED display is not as big as other washer-dryer models.

Its most negative point, however, is the length of its programs. Despite the fact that it has some fast ones like the Super Speed, the washing cycles and, especially drying, are quite long.

Samsung WD90T984DSH



  • Display somewhat small.
  • The washing and drying cycles are quite long.