Severin milk frother: features and price

severin milk frother features and price
severin milk frother features and price

A  milk frother is one of those kitchen gadgets that, without being essential, will delight lovers of coffee and hot drinks. We recently told you about the  Lidl milk frother , signed by Silvercrest. Today we are talking about another very interesting model, the  Severin milk frother , which enters the supermarket catalog as a novelty.

Features of the Severin milk frother

This model allows you to  froth cold or hot milk , so even if you are one of those who always ask for cold milk with coffee, you can enjoy this special presentation. We can froth up to  100 ml of milk. In case what we want is to heat milk, we can also do it, up to a maximum of  200 ml .


Severin 2 milk frother

As a curiosity, thanks to  the 360º system , the milk container can be placed from any direction. It has  automatic shutdown and  overheating protection with a power of  450 W .

The main material is  stainless steel , the measurements are  19 x 10 x 16 cm and the weight is  888 grams . It has a handle so that it is easier for you to place it and pour the milk or foam into the glass once you have it prepared.

Availability and price

If this accessory for your coffee has caught your attention, you can find the Severin milk frother in the  Lidl online store , for a price of  34.99 euros . In addition, today December 27 it will also be available in physical stores, so if you prefer to buy it on site you can do so. Of course, remember that the stock in stores is super limited and that it runs out flying, so we recommend you go as soon as possible. If you don’t get it, you will always have their online store, where the stock is more generous.