Siemens KG39NXIEA, a nice and easy-to-organize freezer fridge

siemens kg39nxiea cabecera.jpg
siemens kg39nxiea cabecera.jpg

The Siemens KG39NXIEA It is a combi refrigerator designed in stainless steel that you will love for its different preservation technologies. In this way, Siemens brings us an appliance that relies on the No Frost cold system, as well as special drawers to preserve different types of food and keep them in optimal conditions for longer.

This is the Siemens KG39NXIEA

Today we are going to talk about refrigerator made of stainless steel Siemens KG39NXIEA, but first, we will recall some characteristics and aspects that every consumer should take into account when buying one of these devices.

This is mainly due to the wide variety of models that we can find in the market, which mainly combine different designs with different technologies, as well as sizes, to adapt to the needs of different users.

Of course, if we talk about combi refrigerators, most have standard dimensions that correspond to 60 cm in width, with height being the parameter that usually varies the most. Although it is true that, at present, we can also find refrigerators of this type that are wider, if we want this feature we would already have to look at an American refrigerator, unless the width we are looking for slightly exceeds the standard measure.

At another point, since they are household appliances that must be on 24 hours a day And throughout the year, they need to be efficient, since, if so, they will help us save on our electricity bill. Keep in mind that an appliance, the more efficient it is, the more expensive its purchase price will be. However, in the long run, it compensates for the savings that it will mean to our pocket.

After this, if we belong to the group of users who prioritize aesthetics over other aspects, we will be happy to know that there are more and more colors available, apart from the typical white color and stainless steel. However, this last color is still very popular and one of the most popular, as it undoubtedly makes the refrigerator look very elegant and modern.

Having seen all these aspects and to conclude, it is also good that we look at the cold system that they bring. A refrigerator with a cooling system is not the same cyclical cold, that we will have to defrost manually and that it will keep more humidity, than a refrigerator No Frost. Even, at this point, we can find refrigerators semiNoFrost, because your freezer defrosts itself, while the refrigerator compartment does not, and the Total No Frost, that neither of them will need to be defrosted.

With this said, we are going to comment on this Siemens refrigerator that, due to its characteristics, can be very interesting.

Ready to cool and preserve

As we have already advanced, the Siemens KG39NXIEA is a combi refrigerator designed in anti-fingerprint stainless steel which has dimensions of 60 cm x 203 cm x 66 cm, so, although it has the standard width measurements, it is very tall and, therefore, spacious, with a net capacity of 366 liters.

It stands out, above all, for its cold system, since it comes with No Frost technology and you won’t have to defrost it. The refrigerator itself defrosts automatically and prevents ice from forming inside. In this way, we will enjoy several advantages. On the one hand, it will be faster cooling and therefore more efficient, since it will not take you as much effort to do so. On the other hand, no frost or ice plates will form that affect your food.

In addition, when it comes to cold, this model cools quickly, since it comes with the always useful functions of super cooling and super freezing. Both functions are designed for when we bring a large purchase or we have to put enough food at a different temperature from what is already inside.

Therefore, when activated, they will cool much faster so that they acquire the optimal temperature of the other products and, in this way, do not affect their conservation by avoiding temperature fluctuations.

Likewise, the cooling technology used by this Siemens KG39NXIEA is intelligent, since external temperature variations and the opening of the appliance usually affect the temperature inside. Therefore, thanks to the intelligent sensors, the refrigerator responds quickly to the different cold needs so that the food is not affected.

And that’s not all. To complete its versatility, includes a hyperFresh drawer <0°C>. This drawer, designed so that you can preserve meat and fish to perfection, reaches temperatures of almost freezing so that this type of food benefits and is better preserved for longer, maintaining its properties and texture.

Siemens KG39NXIEA

Modern, safe and comfortable design

Regarding the design of the Siemens KG39NXIEA, we must say that has a large capacity, as you may have already seen, but it also includes some accessories that will help you better organize the interior. For example, it comes with a large capacity bottle rack that is removable, so you can put the bottles and have them within reach for when you need them, safely.

In addition, its glass trays can also be removed up to half of the guides, so they will not only serve you to take out and store food, but also to see what you have stored in the refrigerator and that, in this way, not you forget and spoil anything. These trays have the peculiarity that they glide in a very fluid way, even though they are fully charged, so they are really comfortable.

All this makes this refrigerator very safe, in addition to bringing a system of visual and acoustic notifications due to the increase in temperatures, something that can happen if we leave the door open or the power goes out.

Finally, its anti-fingerprint steel design will give it a always clean look, so it will always look high quality with this special finish that will cost you nothing to maintain and that will maximize the aesthetics of your refrigerator, no matter how long it takes.

Siemens KG39NXIEA

Features of the Siemens KG39NXIEA

Siemens KG39NXIEA
Type of device Combi fridge
Type of construction Independent
Cold system No frost
Total net capacity 366 l
Volume of unfrozen compartments 279 l
Zone 0 ° Yes
Fast cooling Yes
Volume of frozen compartments 87 l
Freezer compartment position lower
Fridge drawers 4
No frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Integrated bottle holder Yes
Inverter motor Yes
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials HyperFresh drawer with humidity regulator for fruits and vegetables hyperFresh 0ºC drawer for meat and fishExtendable safety glass traysChrome-plated bottle rackSafety glass trays 5
Measurements (W x H x D) 60cm x 203cm x 66cm
Color (standardized) Silver
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Width 60 cm
Height 203 cm
Depth 66 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 63 kg
Weight 73.98 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 68 cm / 195 cm / 62 cm
Packaging width 68 cm
Packing height 195 cm
Packing depth 62 cm
Circumference 455 cm
Annual energy consumption 238 kWh
Noise level 39 dB
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) AND

Opinions from the Siemens KG39NXIEA

This refrigerator is quite good value for money. It is a complete No Frost, with a nice aesthetic in stainless steel with the outdoor temperature display. Nevertheless, it does not stand out for its energy efficiency class and its side walls get quite hot.

Siemens KG39NXIEA

Availability and price of the Siemens KG39NXIEA

And, if you want to see another refrigerator of the brand, this time in white, here we leave you the Siemens KG39NVWEC.

  • Good value for money.
  • No Frost.
  • Nice design.
  • Outdoor temperature display.
  • Cools well.

  • Class in somewhat low energy efficiency.
  • Its side walls get quite hot.

Total score