Siemens TSI803210, is it worth spending more for an iron?

Siemens Tsi803210 8.jpg
Siemens Tsi803210 8.jpg

Blessed are the technological advances. It is true that most of us are nervous to iron, but as is often the case with most things around us, we do not value the tools that life has thrown our way. We hate plates, but … can you imagine what it would be like not to have them or if they had not evolved compared to the first ones that were released on the market? Now, everything is much easier. If you are looking for a new iron, today we talk about the pros and cons of the Siemens TSI803210 injection plate.

Features of the Siemens TSI803210 sheet

Injection plate Siemens TSI803210
Power 3,200 W max
Constant steam 65 g / min
Steam boost 220 g
Tank capacity 400 ml
Featured Features
  • autoSteam
  • SteamOnDemand
  • steamCompressor
  • perfectSelect
  • advancedSteam System
  • AntiShine program
  • TempOK display
  • Calc’n’Clean Timer
  • quickFill
  • dripStop
  • startStop Control
  • 4antiCalc
Dimensions 34.2 x 20.4 x 13.4 cm
Weight 2.1 kg
Colour Black / Stainless Steel

Siemens TSI803210 Features

Siemens combines in this iron all its advances and improvements in the field of ironing, concluding in a small appliance that, despite not being the cheapest, offers us a good range of functions that will make the task much easier.

It is a injection plate that allows a better penetration of steam into the fabric, ensuring that we need fewer passes due to the functions steamCompressor and advancedSteam System, which distributes heat more efficiently thanks to the drawing of its base. We can let the amount of steam be chosen automatically (autoSteam) or we regulate it (SteamOnDemand).

The different ironing programs can also be chosen automatically (perfect Select) or use a special program, such as antiShine that takes care of dark colors or delicate garments.