Silvercrest electric foot massager, is it worth it?


masajeador electrico de pies de silvercrest 2.jpg

The new one just went on sale. Silvercrest electric foot massagerthe evolution of electric massager which we told you about a few months ago. After the success of the first model, we now find ourselves with a product that wants to become our new best friend. Let’s find out.

Technical characteristics of the Silvercrest electric foot massager

This Silvercrest electric foot massager has dimensions of 31×31×16cm. and a weight of 1.30kg. Its main function is to relax and distend the muscles of the feet, thanks to the function Shiatsu massage Which incorporates. It helps us to activate the circulation of the feet, take care of foot reflexology and massage them to have that moment of self-pleasure that we deserve so much.

Silvercrest electric foot massager

This device has two massage directions, eight rotating massage heads and heat function. All this is controlled by a small remote that is integrated into the device product. Also, as a curiosity, you can use for back, so we get a double feature. It has a power of 24W And it comes with fluffy plush and a removable, breathable cover, so we can stick our little feet in and enjoy.

Of course, as a disadvantage, it must be taken into account that you cannot use it wirelessly, only plugged into the electrical network, which can be a bit uncomfortable in some cases, since we depend on having a plug nearby (or a power strip). and in some cases it can make it difficult for us to use it, for example, when we are resting on the sofa.

Availability and price

This product is available in the Lidl online storefor a price of €31.99now on sale since its usual price is €39.99. A good opportunity to get a cheaper gadget that can help us relax after a hard routine.