Singer Promise 1409, the sewing machine that will do everything for you.

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If you like sewing and are looking for a sewing machine, Singer presents its Singer Promise 1409, a machine with an excellent value for money.

Singer Promise 1409

The Singer 1409 Promise is a practical sewing machine with a size of size 22 x 41 x 35 cm and a weight 6 kg, designed in White color. With it you can perform all kinds of seams in a very easy, comfortable way and with perfect results. It has 9 types of stitches so that you can adapt to any style no matter what fabric each garment has. In addition, you can also select the length of the stitch and even knit the most voluminous fabrics. For the latter it has a Extra-High presser foot that holds the garment and fixes it so that it does not move. This makes insertion of the sewing needle easier and surprising results are achieved. On the other hand, if what we are going to work with is a very delicate garment, we do not have to worry, since the needle has double position and this will allow you to work with it exactly and without complications, without forgetting that we can choose even the length of the stitch.

The Singer Promise 1409 is very easy to useYou just have to choose the thread you need and get to work. Its main needle has a guide stitch, with which, it will prevent you from making mistakes and always things in a perfect straight line. This, together with the presser foot that we have mentioned above, will avoid any mistakes and you will not have to worry about any of your seams going wrong. What’s more, this sewing machine is capable of buttonholes and includes 4 different types buttonhole so that you can make them in any type of fabric in the most efficient way.
This machine also has a pedal which makes it much easier to use. With it you can rregulate speed comfortably and keep your hands free to work with the garments or look in the accessory compartment It has built-in and in which you can store bobbins, needles and other accessories necessary to carry out the sewing work. In this way, you will not only have them in an accessible and controlled place, but you will also be able to use them when you need them without having to move.

Finally, we have to emphasize that the Singer Promise 1409 has a very important feature, and it is the ability to reverse movement. It is a movement that reinforces the stitch while we are sewing so, as its own functionality indicates, serves to reinforce seams and avoid that, in the future, or even while we are sewing, they unravel. With the reverse movement we will not have to worry about the durability of the seams of our garments. All this, in addition, with the homogeneous and uniform movement that the sewing machines of this brand offer you and that guarantee a linear, straight and uniform sewing, without non-sewn areas or unexpected jumps.

Singer Promise 1409 General Features

Singer Promise 1409
Dimensions 22 x 41 x 35 cm
Weight 6 Kg
Colour White
General characteristics Free Arm Mechanical Machine

9 utility and decorative stitches

Automatic winder

Stitch length selector

Zig zag width selector

Manual thread tension regulator

Vertical coil system with widths up to 5mm

Automatic presser foot pressure adjustment

Easy threading guide

Side thread cutter

Sewing light

Buttonhole in 4 steps

Reverse lever

2 needle positions

Warranty 5 years
Accessories included Basic presser foot

Closure foot

Buttonhole foot

Button foot

4 coils

Needle pack

Ripper brush

Flat screwdriver

2 felt bases

Impeller cover plate

Quilting guide

DVD with classes

Opinions from the Singer Promise 1409

The Singer Promise 1409 is a sewing machine that has some very useful features and functions. In addition, it brings with it several accessories that will greatly facilitate its use. It is not very large, but it does offer enough security to sew even the most voluminous fabrics. His handling and use will be very easy for those who already know how to use this type of machine. However, for those who have never used them, it can get a bit complicated at first, since you have to get used to using the pedal. His value for money is excellent, since for less than € 100 we can have a sewing machine that offers us many and very good guarantees. Also, for all those who have never sewn on a machine, next to it bring a DVD with classes to learn as soon as possible.

Singer Promise 1409

Singer Promise 1409 Availability and Pricing

If you are interested in the Singer Promise 1409, you can find it in your trusted stores such as Amazon, Media Markt and Fnac.


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  • Efficient and fast results.
  • Stitch width and length selector.
  • Includes DVD with classes.

  • Its handling can be somewhat complicated for beginners.

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