Smart Display 10, Xiaomi’s new proposal for your home

xiaomi smart display 10.jpg
xiaomi smart display 10.jpg

The screens that act as home media center They have become a fad. We have already seen some interesting proposals, such as the Amazon EchoShow 15but today the novelty comes from the hands of Xiaomi who has just presented the Smart Display 10.

Features of the SmartDisplay 10

This type of screen works as a hub for us to control the rest of the devices in our home, but it is also a multimedia center to receive interesting information, such as the weather, email or we can even watch a movie or make a video call .

smart display 10

In this case, this Smart Display 10 has a 10.1-inch HD display in addition to a 5 MP webcam, microphone and support for Xiao AI, the company’s smart assistant. This device is an interesting option to have a meeting point in our home, from which to control everything and also have a multimedia center that the whole family can use. In fact, as a curiosity we can highlight that it has a child mode so that it can be used easily and safely by children.

In the connectivity section we can highlight that it has Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth 5.0while the RAM memory amounts to 2GB and the internal storage has 16 GB. It also offers a small medium so that we can place it anywhere and be more comfortable.

Availability and price

This smart screen will be available very soon in China for a price of 130 euros to change. Will it come to Spain? We hope so, but it seems that we will still have to wait a little longer to find out if this will happen and, if so, also to know when we can have it and at what price.

Via | Xiaomi