Smart Home

Smart home, Smart Home. There are many ways to call it, but all the variants have something in common: home automation. What options we have?

intempo altavoz.jpg

Intempo, el altavoz con cubitera que ahora está de oferta


Nos encanta cazar gadgets cuanto más originales y diferentes mejor. El que hoy te queremos presentar se llama Intempo y ...

cepillo electrico de limpieza recargable 22.jpg

Electric rechargeable cleaning brush, the help you need


Let’s be honest and stop being “welcome”. No one likes to clean, although we all have to. And, no matter ...

maquina de hielo salco 2.jpg

Salco ice machine, what is it and how does it work?


In the middle of a heat wave, any element that helps us cool down is welcome. And that’s why today ...

apple watch app casa.jpg

Best apps to manage the house from your smartwatch


The ease of having access to multiple devices and smart accessories from the screen of your mobile has become a ...

cuerda para saltar toqibo.jpg

TOQIBO skipping rope, home exercise gadget


If you are looking for new gadgets for exercise at homeToday we have found a product that we already have ...

estor cortinas.jpg

How to control my blind with my mobile?


The concept of the smart home is more alive than ever and there are more and more devices and accessories ...

termometro de barbacoa con bluetooth de lidl.jpg

Lidl Bluetooth barbecue thermometer, a good gadget


The summer season is approaching and with it comes barbecues, gatherings with friends, outdoor plans… Today we are talking about ...

ecoflow powerocean.jpg

EcoFlow PowerOcean, new solar battery solution


EcoFlowa German company specialized in developing portable power solutions from which we have already seen other products such as the ...

lampara de noche badabulle 2.jpg

Badabulle night lamp, now with an incredible offer


Today we have found a unique offer, which we did not want you to miss. It’s about the Badabulle bedside ...

huawei scale 3 pro 2.jpg

Huawei Scale 3 Pro, the most advanced scale at the best price


One of the most interesting products in the Huawei catalog is its scales. Although they have gone quite unnoticed, the ...

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