Smart Home

Smart home, Smart Home. There are many ways to call it, but all the variants have something in common: home automation. What options we have?

contador de agua digital de lidl 23.jpg

Lidl digital water meter, what is it for?


Now that we are going through one of the worst droughts that Spain remembers, gadgets like the one we are ...

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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max, new portable power station


EcoFlow just introduced the new EcoFlow DELTA 2 Maxa portable power station that is designed to last up to ten ...

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This is the Netatmo Smart Air Conditioning Control


netatmo It has just launched a new gadget that can help us a lot to manage our Smart Home: Intelligent ...

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Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 WiFi: features and price


We have a new guy in the office. Xiaomi has just introduced the new Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fia smart ...

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Meross MTS960HK, smart thermostat for less than 40 euros


Meross just announced a new smart thermostat who wants to take care of your home. Thanks to it, we will ...

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SUP 12V inflator, the gadget that cannot be missing this summer


If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home or if you go to the beach every day, ...

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Meater Plus, bluetooth kitchen thermometer for your recipes


He Meater Plus is an innovative device created to savor the best supermarket meat to the point. And it is ...

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Digital shower head: how to have a colorful shower


You have seen it in the movies and perhaps in a hotel with many stars, but perhaps what you had ...

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Yale Smart Safe: How does it work?


In the field of the Smart Home there are many very interesting options. The last one we have known is ...

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Tips for choosing a thermal blind


Climate change wreaks havoc in the country, as well as the rise in the price of electricity in the economy ...