Smart Home

Smart home, Smart Home. There are many ways to call it, but all the variants have something in common: home automation. What options we have?

Bodytone Ds55.jpg

Bodytone DS55, an exercise bike to motivate you while you train

One of the most popular cardio workouts is stationary bikes. If you want to exercise regularly during the week and ...

Ikea Tradfri.jpg

IKEA TRÅDFRI, sensor and smart button will be integrated into HomeKit

The inexpensive devices IKEA TRÅDFRI are going to receive a major update to integrate into HomeKit this motion sensor and ...

Wyze Bulb Color.jpg

Wyze Bulb Color, wireless bulbs with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Signature Wyze brings the new bulbs to the market Wyze Bulb Color. A reference that expands the smart home with ...