Smart plugs, can they help you save on your electricity bill?

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The new electricity rates in Spain They have sparked a wave of discontent across the country and numerous memes, the kind that are never lacking even when the going gets tough. But this situation has also managed to give greater prominence to smart plugs, small devices that, although they were already beginning to be used in the domestic environment, are now living their golden age.

Do they really help you save or is your fame totally opportunistic? We are going to know its advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide if in your case it is a good acquisition and, in case you want to buy one, what models are emerging now.

The best and smart plugs

The biggest advantage of these plugs is that can be programmed. As you already know by now, electricity rates in Spain now show strong hourly discrimination, for example, between putting the washing machine at 07:00 or doing it at 19:00 there may be a very important price difference. With these plugs you can program the start of certain appliances that do not already have delayed programming. In addition, some allow us monitor consumption so that we can better understand how much each device we use is spending. On the other hand, they usually have protection against overloads or short circuits, so we will also stay more calm in this regard.

Its main disadvantage lies in the price. They are not expensive, but it will take several months to amortize their use if your only purpose is to save on the electricity bill with these smart plugs.

Better smart plugs

Here are some links so you can look at the smart plugs that are selling the most in these times.


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