Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier, a rain effect humidifier

smartmi rainforest humidifier, a rain effect humidifier
smartmi rainforest humidifier, a rain effect humidifier

Humidifiers (and also dehumidifiers) have become very fashionable in recent years. After the pandemic, we have understood the importance of having a good environment at home and that is why we are increasingly betting on this type of device, each one in the geographical area where it is most appropriate. Today we are talking about the  Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier , a model as curious as it is useful.

Technical characteristics of the Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier

This  Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier  is a model with a rather peculiar design. And it is that it has a  cylindrical design with a capacity of three liters, a lighting system and imitation of the natural evaporation of rain . The rain effect can last up to 15 hours. This is, in fact, its most outstanding and innovative point, since it tries to merge those worlds of technology and nature that can sometimes seem almost irreconcilable.

Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier

Inside it houses a series of filters and layers to achieve its goal. How do you get this rain effect? This Smartmi humidifier seeks to do the  Renard effect , which is about flowing the liquid in the form of drops of water against the casing which, together with the air flow that orbits here, causes this effect of  humidification by evaporation .

We can control it through  HomeKit , so it will be part of our  Smart Home and we can control it from devices such as iPhone, Mac or iPad. And if you liked it so much that you are already looking for a place for it at home, write down its dimensions: 22 cm (diameter) x 42.2 cm (height) .

Availability and price

At the moment, although we have data on its technical characteristics and its own photos,  it has not been revealed when it will go on the market or at what price it will do so . We will stay tuned to update you on the news about this curious device that we all want to have in our home.