SmartThings Cooking, this is how the new Samsung service works

smartthings cooking.png
smartthings cooking.png

Samsung joins and continues in its efforts to offer the best technology available to users and this time we have to talk to you about Smart Things Cooking a service that focuses on the kitchen, the favorite place in the home for many of us and where family life really takes place.

What is SmartThings Cooking and what is it for?

SmartThings Cooking is the new kitchen service that allows you to get more out of your facet as a chef. Become the cook in your house in a simpler way and enjoy this task more thanks to the possibilities that SmartThings Cooking offers us. You can, for example, look for new recipesbut also manage the shopping list more efficiently or even find the perfect formula for preserve food better. On the other hand, it also allows us auto-configure appliances.

This platform is powered by Whisk Food AI and thanks to it we will be able to obtain recommendations and get personalized ones, focused both on the tastes or needs of the users and on the available foods.

SmartThings Cooking samsung

For example, one of the most curious functions is that, if you defrost meat with a barcode, this platform communicates with the rest of the appliances in your kitchen (oven, hobs, etc.), to get the most out of it and get the best culinary experience.

SmartThings does not stop growing

The ecosystem Samsung SmartThings continues to expand with new initiatives, such as the aforementioned Cooking or others that pursue other objectives, but always focusing on the user getting the most out of their home in the simplest way: Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care, Home Care… The future has only just begun and we are lucky enough to be able to experience it firsthand.