Smeg BCC01BLMEU, enjoy freshly ground coffee with this coffee maker

smeg bcc01blmeu, enjoy freshly ground coffee with this coffee maker
smeg bcc01blmeu, enjoy freshly ground coffee with this coffee maker

Who doesn’t like a good coffee in the morning, right? And, if it is freshly ground on top, as with the Smeg BCC01BLMEU , much better. With this Smeg coffee maker you will enjoy freshly ground coffee and with different ways to customize it to your liking.

What is the Smeg BCC01BLMEU?

The Smeg BCC01BLMEU is a coffee machine that allows you to prepare coffee with freshly ground beans, so it will enjoy an intense and rich aroma that will delight coffee lovers.

Likewise, you can choose both the coffee beans and the fineness of the grind, going through the length of the coffee. In this way, you will always have your drink to your liking and with your preferences in a very personalized way .


A compact and environmentally friendly coffee machine

The Smeg BCC01BLMEU is a coffee machine that is also respectful with the environment, since the coffee grounds and the residues that remain from the preparation can be used as fertilizer and, in this way, contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment. .

Also, cleaning it will not be difficult for you, since the grinding unit can be removed very easily and washed easily. In this way, you can always have your coffee maker ready, with much less effort than you think.

And this is not all, being a compact coffee maker, you can have it anywhere, without taking up too much space and at hand for when you want to use it. In this way, it will no longer be mandatory to go to the cafeteria whenever you want to enjoy a freshly ground coffee. You just have to turn on your coffee maker and prepare your coffee to your liking.


Smeg BCC01BLMEU Features



Type of device Super automatic coffee maker
Maximum power 1350 W
Tank capacity 1.4 l
Number of cups max 8
Pressure 19 bar
Coffee capacity 150 g
Programs 4
Integrated grinder Yes
Steam Nozzle No
Auto power off Yes
Color (by manufacturer) Negro
Width 18 cm
Height 33.6 cm
Depth 43.3 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 5 kg
Weight 5 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 49.5 cm / 44.5 cm / 26.5 cm
Maker SMEG
Type of device Super automatic coffee maker
Packaging width 49.5 cm
Packing height 44.5 cm
Packing depth 26.5 cm
Circumference 191.5 cm
packed weight 7 kg



Opinions from the Smeg BCC01BLMEU

This coffee maker, although somewhat expensive, makes quite good coffees and is compact, so it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without disturbing it. In addition, it is easy to use and the coffees can be personalized both by the fineness of the grind of the bean and by the length of the coffee.

As negative points, it must be said that it is a noisy coffee maker and that, being so compact, it is possible that the deposit becomes small for some users.





  • Make good coffees.
  • Nice design and compact.
  • The fineness of the grain grind can be customized.
  • The length of the coffee can be customized.
  • Easy to use.




  • Noisy
  • The deposit may be small for some users.