Smeg LB2T70ES, a good 1000 rpm washing machine

smeg lb2t70es cabecera.jpg
smeg lb2t70es cabecera.jpg

The Smeg LB2T70ES is a practical, easy-to-use washing machine with a good variety of programs to adapt to your needs. Come and learn with us what this Smeg washing machine offers you and its different options and features.

We discuss the Smeg LB2T70ES

The Smeg LB2T70ES is a washing machine designed in white that has been manufactured to satisfy your washing needs at all times, with the features most demanded by consumers.

Therefore, using this washing machine is very comfortable. With a front loading capacity of 7 kg of clothes and a power of 1000 revolutions per minute, it will leave your clothes clean and fresh. The controls on this washing machine are electronic, so it is very easy for you to adjust the different settings. In addition, its inverter motor guarantees a longer useful life and a quieter use.

Useful programs and functions

If this has seemed little to you, it should be noted that the Smeg LB2T70ES comes with an extensive catalog of programs so that you can choose the one that suits you best at all times. You will have from an Eco program of 40-60 minutes, to another of colors, an express one, for jeans, cotton, rinse and spin, wool, sports, mixed, anti-allergy, simulating hand washing and the always useful pre-wash.

In this way, you can combine the different programs with functions that will make your life even easier, such as the delayed start, the spin speed, and so on. With which, there is no doubt that, if this washing machine boasts something, it is to be very practical.

Smeg LB2T70ES

Smeg LB2T70ES Features



Installation type: Independent
Type of load: Front loading
Product color: White
Inverted technology: And
Built-in display: And
Type of viewer: LED
Control type: Buttons, Rotary
Door hinge: Left
Door opening angle: 160°
Door Color: Negro
Drum Material: Stainless steel
Bathtub material: Polypropylene
Cable length: 1,6 m
Drum volume: 50 L
Rated capacity: 7 kg
Maximum spin speed: 1000 RPM
Spin drying class: C
Number of washing programs: 15
Noise emission class: B
Noise level (spin): 73 dB
Noise level (washing): 50 dB
Delayed programming: And
Delayed start: 23 h
Cycle time (max): 240 min
Cycle time (fast program): 15 min
Adjustable rotation speed: And
Minimum turning speed: 400 RPM
Automatic load control: And
Foam control system: And
residual moisture: 62%
Adjustable temperature: And
Maximum wash temperature: 90 °C
Programs: hygienic / antiallergic, cold, cotton, ecological, hand wash, wool, jeans, mix, pre-wash, quick wash, sports wash, rinse and spin.
Child lock: And
Backflow protection: And
On / off button: And
Energy efficiency scale: From A to G
Energy efficiency class: C
Power consumption per 100 cycles: 59 kWh
Energy consumption per wash cycle: 0,76 kWh



Opinions from the Smeg LB2T70ES

With a good value, this machine comes with a good variety of programs. It is also very easy to use due to its electronic control. However, a somewhat negative point is that it only has 1000 rpm, so the clothes may not come out completely dry.

Smeg LB2T70ES




  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Variety of programs and functions.




  • Clothes may come out wet.