So you can know the Energy Efficiency Certificate of your home

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certificado de eficiencia energetica.jpg

Whether it is because you are going to buy a new house or because you want to have more information about the place where you are now living, one of the pieces of information that few owners know and that is really important is the Energy Efficiency Certificate. Let’s see what it is and how you can consult it in just a couple of clicks.

What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate of a home

Just like the washing machines or air conditioners have an energy label, so do houses. East document which must be drawn up by a specialized technician, uses a label similar to that of household appliances, with a color code and a range from A to G.

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How to know what Energy Efficiency Certificate a home has

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) wants this information to be available to anyone, not just those who make a formal request to a real estate agency (who, until now, were responsible for providing this information).

To do this, they are already working on a portal called Smart Buildings Geoportal in which you can see, as a plan, the buildings of any address that we consult. The idea is a good one, no doubt, but for now it is in a fairly early state. is making a pilot test in Castilla y Leónso if you want to test how this service works, you can only do so with addresses from this geographical area that are already registered in this database.

The interesting thing is that, in addition to consulting for specific addresses, when this project expands to the rest of Spain we will be able to have a very useful color map that will give us more visual information about which are the areas with the most energy efficient homes and which ones still have long way to go.