Solitaire: The Waterbase, so is this invisible sink

solitaire the waterbase so is this invisible sink.jpg
solitaire the waterbase so is this invisible sink.jpg

the world of SmartHome It continues to evolve and, in addition to touching our appliances, now it reaches another place in our kitchen that perhaps we thought could not evolve anymore: the sink. You do not believe it? then you have to see Solitaire: The Waterbase, an invisible sink well loaded with technology. Let’s meet him.

This is the invisible sink Solitaire: The Waterbase

Hand in hand with the brand BSH This gadget arrives as innovative as it is practical. It’s about a invisible sink that can be hidden when we are not using it, thanks to a cover that can also function as the bottom of the sink. In this way, we will have a homogeneous appearance and we will make our countertop longer. The official name of this cover is Infinity Cover. It also has compartments for drying dishes and kitchen rags.

invisible sink

On the other hand, when in use, this sink offers us touch screen from which we can manage everything about this faucet: we have six different types of water (boiling hot water, water heated to 80ºC, still water at room temperature, cold sparkling water…).

Finally, note that it is compatible with HomeConnect the app for smartphones from which you can update the software of our sink, receive alerts about the need to replace certain filters, and much more.

Availability and price

This invisible sink has already made eyes at me and surely you too. Do you want to do with him? You’ll have to wait until first quarter of 2023, the time when it is expected to hit the market. Regarding its price, it has not yet been made official, but we bet that it will not be exactly an economic element. The most innovative concept of it will be one of the main reasons to pay a high price for it.