Sony LSPX-S3: Glass speaker with lamp included

sony lspx s3 2.jpg
sony lspx s3 2.jpg

Technology will never cease to amaze us. And we really don’t want this to change. Today we have discovered one of those curious products that have a triple use: speaker, lamp and decorative object. Its about Sony LSPX-S3, a crystal speaker that illuminates the home and integrates both elements, music and illumination, to perfection. Its price is not cheap, but it is true that it is not a product designed for everyone.

Sony LSPX-S3 Features

Its objective is to create a cozy atmosphere in the home and for this it includes a organic crystal tweeter and an effect candle light to illuminate the room in which we place it in a subtle and intimate way. Its light is discreet, but its sound is very powerful, thanks to the advanced vertical transmission technology Which incorporates.

It has a 46mm driver, it is compatible with the LDAC, SBC or AAC codec to enjoy high quality audio via Bluetooth 5.0, its frequency response range is 20-20,000 Hz. The autonomy reaches 8 hours and is charged via USB-C.

It has dimensions of 289 x 94 mm And it is built in quality materials, since, as the company claims, only 5% of the speaker is plastic. The light it emits is candle-like, subtle and elegant, with the ability to illuminate the corner in which we place it. Its sound, however, is so powerful that it can envelop the entire room.

Availability and price

If you liked this concept and have a comfortable budget, you can get this Sony LSPX-S3 for an official sale price of 350 euros. You will still have to have a little more patience, since it goes on sale from the month of August.

Via | Sony