SOOCAS D2, the electric toothbrush that sanitizes itself

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soocas d2 cabecera.jpg

The SOOCAS D2 It is an electric brush that, in addition to its different modes, is sterilized using UV technology. If you want to discover what advantages this toothbrush has SOOCAS about another, stay to continue reading this article.

This is the SOOCAS D2

The SOOCAS D2 is a toothbrush that we can choose between white and green and what does it present three modes of use that correspond to sensitive, cleaning and polishing. The first mode is for massaging your teeth, the second for quick daily whitening, and the third for a more powerful whitening. Also, each mode has a memory function and the last one you use is the one you turn on when you turn it on.

In addition, this brush is very hygienic, because sterilized with 270nm ultraviolet wave through frontal irradiation that gives it a high efficiency of up to 99.99%. Not only that, this brush protects your gums because the number of bristles has been increased by 40% so that it is capable of removing up to 2 times more surface stains.


Powerful but silent

The SOOCAS D2 is also a toothbrush that has a sonic shock motor that allows it to brush teeth with great power but gently, since its vibration frequency is 33600 times per minute and gradually increases over 5 seconds after you turn it on so as not to hurt yourself.

All this with a low noise level of 65 dB, the same as we would generate when turning the pages of a book, so it will not disturb those who are sleeping, and best of all, it is waterproof and you can brush your teeth even in the shower.


Features of SOOCAS D2

Model D2
Colour White green
brush head technology Copper-free flocking technology
intensity gear three gears
Cleaning Type Sensitive, Clean, Polished
Loading time Electric toothbrush: 6H; Sterilization chamber: 5H
charging method usb charging
vibration frequency 33600 times/minute
Battery duration Electric toothbrush: 183 days; Sterilization chamber: 30 days (after full charge)
waterproof rating IPX7
Product net weight 480g
product size 156*240*43mm

SOOCAS D2 Reviews

This toothbrush has a good value for money. Comes with different brushing modes and, in addition, it is sterilized by UV technology, so it is quite clean. This, along with it is waterproof, make it a very interesting brush.

Its most negative points are found in its design, which not very aesthetic and in what you have to buy it online.


Availability and price of the SOOCAS D2

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  • Good value for money.
  • Different brushing modes.
  • It is sterilized by UV technology.
  • Waterproof.

  • Not pretty aesthetic.
  • You have to buy it online.

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