SPC Evadne, don’t you have a humidifier at home yet?

spc evadne 2.jpg
spc evadne 2.jpg

Do you know what a humidifier is for? How does it work? What are its advantages? What model to buy? No doubts! If you are also a bit lost in this segment, today we want to talk to you about them and specifically about a model that is having quite a bit of success due to its ease of use and its adjusted price: the SPC Evadne.

SPC has extensive experience in the field of Smart Home and technology in general, and in addition to its mobile phones, its wearables or even its eReaders, it also has humidifiers in its catalog as interesting as this SPC Evadne that we are talking about today.

SPC Evadne Design

Available in color whitethis model has dimensions of 22 x 22 x 29.2 cm. and a weight of 1.55kg. This very compact device offers a capacity of 4.5 liters, you will only have to fill it with water and let the technology do the rest. It is very easy to fill, something essential so that we are not too lazy to always keep it active. Just open its removable, top-fill reservoir, add water to it, add water to the maximum volume indicator, and you’re good to go.

SPC Evadne

How to know if it lacks water? Count with one indicator light, if this light turns red, you need to add more water. For safety, the device stops working automatically when it detects that it does not have enough water.

On the front there is a small led screen where we can see how it is working and five touch buttons.

Modes of use

This ultrasonic and intelligent humidifier has several functions: hydrates the air, purifies the air with UV-C light, has a night lamp and offers an aroma diffuser.

Their humidification power is 300ml/h, so you can use it without problem in large rooms or in fairly dry spaces. It can approximately cover rooms of up to 25 square meters. It has enough power. To humidify, ultrasonic technology is used through vibrations, turning the water into a very fine mist. Don’t worry: it doesn’t soak surfaces.

Also, is capable of measuring the level of humidity in the room and display it on its LED screen, so that we know whether it is in a healthy situation or not. We have three modes (auto, manual and night). Using its automatic mode, we will only have to select the level of humidity that we want and the humidifier will achieve your goal. With the manual mode you will have three levels of fog intensity to choose from and with the night mode all light emission will be cut off.

SPC Evadne

Another of its functions is aromatherapy. Add a few drops of essential oils in a specific compartment for it and enjoy a special fragrance in your home: lavender, mint, red fruits… You choose.

Finally, we can highlight that it has antibacterial action. This SPC Evadne is capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of the bacteria or viruses that can live in our home. That is to say, practically all of it, so we can live more relaxed. This is especially interesting if someone in our home has a pathology that makes them need to eliminate these viruses, bacteria or allergens.

Remote control via app and other interesting details

And before finishing the review of the characteristics of this Evadne SPC humidifier, we can mention that it has a power consumption of 30W, a sound level of 35 dB, a timer of up to 12 hours and automatic shutdown.

And yes, yes, we say goodbye talking about its connected character. How could it be otherwise, this humidifier takes advantage of the advantages offered by having an app and from the application SPC IoT They allow us to enhance its possibilities and get much more out of it. From this application we can change the mode of use, change the intensity of the fog, program it, choose the time slot in which we want to use it, turn it on or off, etc.

SPC Evadne

Is it worth having a humidifier?

It is not something essential in most cases, but we do have to start seeing it as something more than an object of decoration or release of aromas. These types of devices can allow us to have a healthier and sanitized air, in addition to giving us several functionalities in a single device (lamp, hydrate air, purify, aromatize…).

Worth? For the price it has, of course it is a very good option to consider and that it can give a new look to our home. Never better said.

Technical characteristics of the SPC Evadne

SPC Evadne
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 29.2 cm.
Weight 1.55kg
Color White
Led screen Yes
removable tank Yes
Ability 4.5 liters
Handle Yes
  • hydrate the air
  • Purify the air with UV-C light
  • night lamp lighting
  • aroma diffuser
modes Three modes (auto, manual and night)
antibacterial action Yes
Humidification power 300ml/h
consumption power 30W
Sound level 35dB
timer up to 12 hours
Auto power off Yes
App supported SPC IoT

Availability and price of SPC Evadne

This Evadne SPC is a good option to get started in the world of humidifiers with an impressive quality-price ratio and a wide variety of functions so that you do not lack for anything. Is your goal to humidify the air? Disinfect it? Flavor it? Or maybe you just want to use it as a night light? You can do all this with this model, as we have already told you throughout this article.

And if what you want is to know a good option of the opposite model, here we talk about the dehumidifier Orbegozo DH 2060. Depending on where you live, including the characteristics of your home, you may need to humidify or dehumidify. And luckily there are options for all needs.

  • Good value for money
  • good action area
  • Silent
  • Four functions in one
  • very easy to use
  • good water capacity
  • antibacterial action
  • Can be used alone as a night lamp
  • Compatible with app to control it from the mobile

  • Few configuration options from the device itself

Total score

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