SPC Magnes 2, security camera for Smart Home

Spc Magnes 2.jpg
Spc Magnes 2.jpg

The camera SPC Magnes 2 is the new device that appears in the product catalog for the connected home of the Spanish technology company. A reference that stands out for its independent operation and the great autonomy of its battery.

SPC Magnes 2, autonomous surveillance camera

The brand Spc in addition to phones or sound equipment, has a large group of devices for Smart home. Between his robot vacuum cleaners or smart bulbs you can also find several security cameras, to which a new model is now added: Magnes 2.

Product characteristics

This new security camera, Magnes 2It has a battery to avoid dependence on electrical outlets. It is a product conceived for outdoor use, and designed to improve home security. Is wireless surveillance camera works thanks to the integration of a removable lithium battery from 9,600 mAh. According to the manufacturer, it gives the device a autonomy of up to 10 months.

The camera has a 130 degree wide angle lens, so it offers great visual coverage. In addition, it has a night vision system able to cover up to 10 meters in poor lighting conditions. Also includes a mode On hold It stops recording and protects user privacy.

More details of the Magnes 2

Another feature of the camera is the two-way communication system Integrated, which allows the user to interact with the person on the other side of the lens for a conversation. A card can be used for recordings Micro SD from up to 128GB. And you can expand this capacity using the service Cloud external storage app from SPC IoT.

SPC Magnes 2

The Magnes 2 also has motion detection technology (PIR) and is able to notify in the application SPC IoT all the movements of people that are taking place in our home. Has certification IP65, so outdoors it must be covered since it does not have protection against water. It is controlled from the smartphone or tablet through the app available to ios Y Android. And it can be connected with other devices on the line Smart home from Spc. The recommended price of the product is 99.90 euros.

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