SPC Security Starter Kit with Teia camera, protect your home all year round

Spc Security Starter Kit Foto Destacada.jpg
Spc Security Starter Kit Foto Destacada.jpg

Summer is one of the favorite dates to enjoy gastronomy, travel and catch some color on your skin. However, it is also an ideal date for burglaries. There are alarms connected to a central but the prices they reach are not available to everyone. The SPC Security Starter Kit with Teia camera is a much cheaper option to sleep peacefully with direct notice to the owner and video broadcast with the SPC Teia camera. A self-installing security kit that allows us to have our home protected throughout the year and at a very affordable price. We go over all the features in our review.

SPC Security Starter Kit, we meet the team

The SPC brand has different starter packs depending on the user’s needs. The components that incorporate these starter packs are the basic ones to domotize our home, but more components can be added to the template. From the SPC website we can see that there are many devices that go much more than the security section, delving into others such as domestic lighting, control of household appliances with smart plugs, video intercom or even a body analysis scale.

Of course, at SPC they have been able to provide the home with the best smart tools with an interconnection of almost any device in the home, with total control from the smartphone. Also, when using the WiFi connection Eliminate cables to interconnect the different components of the security kit. Another advantage of these SPC smart devices is their compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant assistants, in the same way that they can be added to the IFTTT system.

Our SPC Security Starter Kit with Teia Camera includes the following items, each in a separate box:

  • Kinese: a smart WiFi motion sensor.
  • Aperio: a smart WiFi door and window sensor.
  • Sonus: WiFi smart alarm or siren.
  • Teia: 360º indoor WiFi camera.

SPC Kinese, capture any movement

The SPC Kinese is a motion sensor that uses an infrared emission that detects any movement by the interruption of the emission. This element is one of the essential elements in any security system, both domestic and commercial. SPC Kinese employs a PIR motion sensor with a 110º field of view, at a distance of between 4 and 6 m.

Complete unboxing of the SPC Kinese with all the necessary accessories and the power battery, something that is repeated in all the SPC Security Starter Kit products

The sensor is powered by a simple battery included, its autonomy lasts for months and avoids having to look for an electrical supply. Its size it is quite compact, 4.6 cm in diameter, to make it easier to hide from curious glances. It can be fixed to the wall with the two included screws or with the adhesive thanks to its low weight of 40 g.

SPC Aperio, detects the opening of doors or windows

Another component of the SPC Security Kit is its opening detector. SPC Aperio is composed of two elements, a main one and a smaller secondary one with magnetic bonding with each other. The larger one goes on the frame and the smaller one on the door or window sash. When these pieces are separated by the opening, the device launches the notice to the smartphone. In this way you can have a record of openings or an alert in case we are away from home. This unit also uses the WiFi connection and a battery for its power.

The SPC Aperio smart sensor has dimensions of 71 x 22 x 21 mm for the main part and 40 x 11 x 11 mm for the small one, its total weight is 26 g. It can be fixed with the included screws, but we have preferred to opt for the strong 3M adhesives included so as not to damage the wooden door frame. As always, SPC Aperio can be interfaced with other devices like the SPC Sonus that we will see below and deter any intrusion.

SPC Sonus, security siren

The last element that cannot be missing in a security system like the SPC Security Starter Kit is an alarm with a siren. As we have seen previously, the previous accessories detect any type of movement or intrusion, with a direct notification to our smartphone. However, the best results are obtained if we also add a audible and visual alarm to the equation. SPC Sonus is a siren that is activated in any of these situations, giving a warning to the rest of the inhabitants of the home (if they are in it), neighbors and the thief.

SPC Security Starter Kit

SPC Sonos will stop any intrusion with its powerful sound emission

The design of the SPC Sonus stands out for the LED ring that lights up during the alarm, also giving a luminous indication of the intrusion. This device has dimensions of 67 x 67 x 32 mm and a weight of 64 g. Here we have two options for its power, via a USB cable to a power adapter or two batteries. But does it reach a high sound level? We can assure you that it will be heard in the neighborhood and on higher floors.

SPC Teia, 360º vision of your home

The SPC Teia is a surveillance camera with a total field of view of 360º. The smart device provides a HD resolution video signal (1,280 x 720 pixels), as horizontal and vertical panning so that nothing escapes our vision. As it is a security camera, it also includes warnings by motion detection, night vision, microphone and two-way audio and recordings on a microSD up to 128GB or in the cloud. If you want to know more about this SPC Teia, know the rest of the characteristics in our Gizhogar article.

The SPC Teia WiFi camera allows you to view areas of the home from the smartphone screen. Due to its characteristics, it goes far beyond a security control, thanks to its security system. two-way communication enables communication between two or more people, ideal for serving the elderly. Therefore, it can be used as a camera for monitoring pets or babies, with a remote control from the phone and with night vision. We liked the fluid movements of the camera, the possibility of reproducing recorded videos and being able to select the level of sensitivity of movement to detect.

SPC Security Starter Kit Configuration

As we have already advanced, the installation of the different components of the SPC Security Starter Kit It is done without any wiring and even with battery power. We liked that it is not necessary to drill walls or doors for their placement thanks to their low weight and the resistant adhesives included, a pity that they have not added any more in case we want to change the location of the device.

SPC Security Starter Kit

SPC Security Starter Kit Initial Configuration

Once distributed throughout the home, it is time to synchronize them with the SPC IoT One App, available for Android and iOS devices for free. Once the application has been downloaded and a simple account has been created, you have to press the reset buttons of the devices. It is very useful that we indicate where in the house the sensor is located for later configuration. The app is in charge of managing all devices individually and also create scenarios with operating profiles. In the case of the SPC Sonus alarm, it is necessary that we link the siren to other installed sensors for its synchronized operation with them.

SPC Security Starter Kit

Custom settings of the different elements of the kit and integration with personal assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

In the settings of each sensor you can adjust the sensitivity of the detectors, the duration of the alerts, among other options. From the app you can create automated patterns such as operating schedules of linked devices. For example, turning on the lights if motion or an intrusion has been detected thanks to the sensors described above and an SPC Sirius smart bulb. All this management can also be done with voice commands thanks to the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

SPC Security Starter Kit

Control of the SPC Teia surveillance camera and alert on the smartphone with notification windows

Availability and price of the SPC Security Starter Kit

In conclusion, this SPC Security Starter Kit is an economical option to keep our home protected with smart sensors and WiFi linking. The starter pack is complete with the most essential devices and with the possibility of expanding the number thanks to its easy integration with the app and virtual assistants. But SPC goes further and allows you to add automation options or operating patterns to “play with” to perform advanced tasks or create scenarios with custom settings.

Our experience with SPC devices is highly recommended and has met our expectations. It is true that the devices are simple, but their operation is flawless. The SPC Teia camera is another of the highlights of this pack with a remarkable image quality, good performance in infrared and with the possibility of controlling everything from the mobile.

  • Simple design and no need to drill holes
  • Accessories and batteries included
  • Kit with the necessary sensors for a basic installation
  • Fast operation via WiFi with your smartphone
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Creation of scenarios and patterns of operation

  • Does not include replacement stickers
  • The app is simple but requires some handling when delving into the programming
  • Not compatible with Siri

Total score