SPC Teia, how does this camera that monitors your home in 360º work?

Spc Teia Cabecera.png
Spc Teia Cabecera.png

If you are thinking of buying a surveillance camera, SPC offers you its SPC Teia, a camera capable of recording with a viewing angle of 360º and compatible with the virtual assistants of the moment.

SPC Teia

SPC Teia is a Surveillance Camera that has a 360º field of view, in addition to offering maximum security with the guarantees that provide total coverage of the vision of the environment.

It can be handled very easily thanks to its smart device app Of the brand: SPC IOT. With this app, we will achieve comprehensive management, since we can use all the devices compatible with it and, thus, convert our house into a Smart home.

Among its main characteristics, we note that it enjoys 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection., a 720p PAN / TILT Standard video camera with a resolution 1280 × 720 so that nothing escapes our vision, as well as a remote control with which we can move the camera up, down, right and left.

In addition to its motion detection function, it also has night vision, and its diagonal field of view is also 360º, which means that it will cover the entire perimeter without any problem. In turn, the video recordings you make can be stored in a micro SD up to 128GB and in the cloud so that you never lose them and have them available. Motion detection.

Finally, the IR distance it guarantees is 10m, it has microphone and two-way audio and it is compatible with the latest systems and virtual assistants such as Android, IOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Characteristics of the SPC Teia

SPC Teia
Connection 2.4GHz wifi
PAN / TILT Standard video camera 720p with 1280 × 720 resolution
Remote control up, down, right and left
Motion detection Yes
Night vision Yes
Diagonal field of view 360º
Video recording with storage 128GB via micro SD and Cloud
IR distance 10 m
Dual speaker Yes
Compatible with Android.
Amazon Alexa.
Google Assistant.

Opinions of SPC Teia

SPC Teia has a good value for money. This surveillance camera will help you to always be aware of what is happening in your home or in your office. Its main advantage is that you can place it in the center of the room where you are going to have it, since it has a 360º viewing angle and, thanks to its remote control you can move it as you want. In addition, it can also be controlled by app and this is compatible with smart devices that you have installed at home. With it, apart from controlling the camera, you will be able to make a comprehensive management of all of them, for example, can you imagine that the lights turn on if the camera detects movement? Well, with this application you can configure it. In addition, it is compatible with virtual assistants more current, which becomes another point in its favor.

Perhaps, the most remarkable drawback that can be taken from this camera is that it is not discreet at all, so it is not recommended if you want to use it as a camera that does not attract attention.

Availability and price of SPC Teia

And if you are curious about this brand and want to see what products it has, here is another one: the SPC Angel.

  • Good value for money.
  • 360º angle.
  • Compatible with the most current virtual assistants.

  • It is not a discreet camera.