crepera de lidl.jpg

Lidl crepe maker, the best invention for family Sundays


If there is something we like to enjoy, those are the breakfasts on weekends. If you are lucky enough not to ...

rallador electrico de lidl 2.jpg

Lidl electric grater: for fruits, cheeses, sausages …


Still don’t have an electric grater at home? You do not know what you’re missing! It’s a Small household appliances ...

soplete de cocina gourmet de lidl copia.jpg

Lidl gourmet kitchen torch, what are you going to do with it?


Today we present you a gadget for the kitchen that will be super interesting whether you want it for yourself ...

deshumidificador de lidl.jpg

This dehumidifier from Lidl sold out in just a few hours


That a product is out of stock at Lidl is something that no longer surprises anyone. This store has the ...

gofrera giratoria de lidl.jpg

Rotating waffle maker by Lidl, the solution for your snacks


Preparing a good snack or a good breakfast at home is a great pleasure, don’t tell us no. Pancakes, waffles ...

limpiacristales recargable de lidl.jpg

Lidl rechargeable window cleaner: good, nice and cheap


In the Lidl catalog we have found today a very interesting new device to take care of cleaning our home. ...

deshidratador de alimentos de lidl.jpg

Lidl food dehydrator, what is it for?


Among the small appliance product catalog of the German supermarket, the Lidl food dehydrator It is one of those that ...

set de depilacion de cera caliente de lidl.jpg

Lidl hot wax hair removal set, is it worth it?


Personal care at home gives us more and more joy. And it is that, for some time now, technology has ...

bascula digital de cuchara 2.jpg

Lidl digital spoon scale: to measure up to 300 grams


The scales in the kitchen are one of the elements that can help us the most in the kitchen so ...

espejo de maquillaje de lidl 2.jpg

Lidl LED makeup mirror – the accessory you need


We don’t have to tell you, I’m sure you already know: having good lighting is essential for almost anything, right? ...