mijia smart kitchen 7l s1 2.jpg

Mijia Smart Kitchen 7L S1, new Xiaomi water heater


It is impossible to know all the products of the Xiaomi ecosystem, since the manufacturer seems to have the magic ...

mijia smart aquarium.jpg

Mijia Smart Aquarium, this is Xiaomi’s new smart aquarium


Another Xiaomi device in sight. On this occasion, he makes another foray into the animal world and introduces us to ...

xiaomi mijia smart clothes dryer 1s 2.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer 1S, clothes rack and lamp 2 in 1


Until you live in a tiny house you are not aware of the daily problems that a lack of space ...

xiaomi mijia t700.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia T700, what can this electric toothbrush do for you?


Nobody likes going to the dentist, we are not going to fool ourselves. As much as we have found a ...

xiaomi mijia electric shaver s600.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S600, new shaver with reduced size


There seems to be no gender in which Xiaomi do not dare to brand new your own products and even ...

xiaomi mijia h500 2.jpg

Mijia H500, a dryer with aerodynamic noise reduction design


Before, to choose a dryer, we only took into account that it had a nice design, that the manufacturer gave ...

xiaomi mijia h700.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia H700, a dryer with a screen and high speed


Buy a hair dryer It’s not just choosing a nice design or a light handle. There are many other things ...

xiaomi mijia 630l, this is the new xiaomi refrigerator

Xiaomi MIJIA 630L, this is the new Xiaomi refrigerator

terry johns

Xiaomi  has just introduced a new appliance for the connected home. Under the MIJIA seal, this  Xiaomi MIJIA 630L now arrives , a model ...

the xiaomi mijia front loading washing machine helps you put the washing machine on at night

The Xiaomi MIJIA Front-loading Washing Machine helps you put the washing machine on at night

terry johns

With the current price of electricity in Spain, we all wonder  at what time to put on the washing machine to save ...

xiaomi mijia smart dehumidifier, new dehumidifier with 22 liters

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier, new dehumidifier with 22 liters

terry johns

The dehumidifiers are a type of product having an increasing presence in our homes. Today we present a new Xiaomi model, the  Xiaomi Mijia Smart ...

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