balay 3kfd765ai, a modern and functional refrigerator

Balay 3KFD765AI, a modern and functional refrigerator

terry johns

If you consider yourself a modern person, with a taste for design, but who at the same time does not ...

balay 3vs6030ba, modern white dishwasher

Balay 3VS6030BA, modern white dishwasher

terry johns

The Balay 3VS6030BA is a very modern, white, free-standing dishwasher that offers a capacity of up to 12 cutlery. This Balay model has several interesting ...

lg df455hss, a very modern and c dishwasher

LG DF455HSS, a very modern and class C dishwasher

terry johns

The LG DF455HSS is a dishwasher designed in stainless steel with modern technologies and energy efficiency class of C. If you want ...

haier htf 610dsn7, modern black american refrigerator

Haier HTF-610DSN7, modern black American refrigerator

terry johns

The Haier HTF-610DSN7 is an American refrigerator with a very modern and elegant style thanks to its black color. This Haier refrigerator has four positions to ...

conga 8090 ultra, a powerful and modern 4 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner

Conga 8090 Ultra, a powerful and modern 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner

terry johns

The Conga 8090 Ultra , Cecotec Conga 8090 Ultra and Conga 8090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner with innovative technologies. With this Cecotec robot keeping ...

1636151467 lg gbb72nsucn w.jpg

LG GBB72NSUCN, a modern combi with anti-fingerprint steel


Choosing a new appliance can be more difficult than it sounds. That is why at Gizhogar we strive to bring ...

1636148528 haier a3fe837cgj.jpg

Haier A3FE837CGJ, a modern combi with good technologies


Today we review a new model of Haier within the combi segment. Specifically, it is the Haier A3FE837CGJ, a fridge ...

zaco a10 cabecera.jpg

Zaco A10, an innovative and modern robot vacuum cleaner


The Zaco A10 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that comes with multiple functions to clean your house automatically and efficiently. This Zaco vacuum comes with ...

electrolux en3854nox cabecera.jpg

Electrolux EN3854NOX, a combi refrigerator with a modern look

Spacious and with a modern and elegant design, this is the combined refrigerator Electrolux EN3854NOX, which will help you to ...

haier hrf 522ig7 cabecera.jpg

Haier HRF-522IG7, a modern American refrigerator with dispenser


It boasts an American refrigerator with a stainless, modern and elegant design, as well as very interesting features with the ...

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