xiaomi smart plug 2 wifi 2323.jpg

Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 WiFi: features and price


We have a new guy in the office. Xiaomi has just introduced the new Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fia smart ...

xiaomi mi smart pillow.jpg

Xiaomi Mi Smart Pillow, Xiaomi sneaks into your bed with this pillow


Do we really need such an extreme level of monitoring that it reaches the pillow? Xiaomi thinks so and that ...

mijia smart kitchen 7l s1 2.jpg

Mijia Smart Kitchen 7L S1, new Xiaomi water heater


It is impossible to know all the products of the Xiaomi ecosystem, since the manufacturer seems to have the magic ...

mijia smart aquarium.jpg

Mijia Smart Aquarium, this is Xiaomi’s new smart aquarium


Another Xiaomi device in sight. On this occasion, he makes another foray into the animal world and introduces us to ...

xiaomi mijia smart clothes dryer 1s 2.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Clothes Dryer 1S, clothes rack and lamp 2 in 1


Until you live in a tiny house you are not aware of the daily problems that a lack of space ...

xiaomi mijia t700.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia T700, what can this electric toothbrush do for you?


Nobody likes going to the dentist, we are not going to fool ourselves. As much as we have found a ...

xiaomi smart home display 6 availability and price.jpg

Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6: Availability and price


Smart screens have become a basic pillar in our daily lives. They act like home automation control center of our ...

xiaomi smart pet fountain 4.jpg

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, so that your pets are never thirsty


Although we should never leave an animal alone at home for a long time, sometimes the day at work gets ...

xiaomi smart pet food feeder new smart feeder.jpg

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder, new smart feeder


[aawp fields =”B08CVQQ4VY” value=”price”][aawp fields =”B08CVQQ4VY” value=”button”][aawp fields =”B08CVQQ4VY” value=”thumb”] Pet care is a priority for those who have animals ...

xiaomi electric toothbrush t700 diseno.jpg

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T700, now available in stores in Spain


It is not a surprise that Xiaomi has a whole catalog dedicated to smart accessories for the care of users ...

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