Teka HLB8510PBK, the oven specialized in pizzas

teka hlb8510pbk cabecera.jpg
teka hlb8510pbk cabecera.jpg

The Teka HLB8510PBK or Teka HLB8510PBK Maestropizza, as its name suggests, is a special oven for making pizzas. With this Teak oven you will become a master pizza maker who will surprise all your friends.

What is the Teka HLB8510PBK?

The Teka HLB8510PBK or Teka HLB8510PBK Maestropizza is the ideal oven for preparing pizzas. Thanks to the fact that it comes with an automatic 340 ° function, it reaches the perfect temperature so that the dough is cooked just right without burning the ingredients.

In addition, you can enjoy a freshly baked pizza in just 3 minutes, as it combines high temperatures with the special pizza stone that will allow you to prepare up to 10 in just half an hour.

In fact, this oven includes its special stone that not only serves to cook the pizzas before, but also to give the dough the crunchy texture that we all like. Besides, with the purchase of this oven, you will be able to learn all the secrets of pizza thanks to a course given by the best pizzeria in Spain.

And that’s not all. Other types of recipes will be perfect, since its SurroundTemp function makes the heat distribute evenly, even if you cook on different levels.

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Clean, safe and efficient

Another advantage of the Teka HLB8510PBK is that it is a very efficient oven , since it offers a class A + in energy efficiency, with which, you will save up to 20% more energy than with a class A oven.

Likewise, it is also a safe and comfortable oven, since its door opens and closes smoothly, thus avoiding knocks and accidents. In addition, as soon as you finish cooking with it, you can choose between its two cleaning systems.

This oven comes with both steam technology, called Hydroclean , which cleans faster, and pyrolytic technology. This can be activated in three different levels so that the dirt in the oven is reduced to ashes and you only have to remove them with a cloth.

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Characteristics of the Teka HLB8510PBK Maestropizza



Product height (mm): 595
Product width (mm): 595
Product depth (mm): 537+22
Net weight (kg): 34
Certificates: THIS
Number of cavities: 1
Enameled cavity: Yes
Regulator minimum temperature (ºC): 50
Regulator maximum temperature (ºC): 340
Function selector: 11+0
Cooking functions: 8
Upper + lower heat function: Yes
Grill function: Yes
Maxigrill function: Yes
Bottom heat function + turbo (Pizza): Yes
Turbo function: Yes
ECO function: Yes
Mechanical rapid heating: Yes
Touch screen programmer: Yes
Removable chrome bracket: Yes
Tray guide levels: 5
Telescopic guides with easy sliding: Yes
soft close: Yes
Min Temperature Regulator. (ºC): 50
Max. Temperature Regulator (°C): 340



Opinions from the Teka HLB8510PBK

This oven is very good value for money. In addition to pizzas, it is used for any other type of recipes, apart from offering good results. It comes with two cleaning systems and has a good design. As the only negative point that we find in it, we could say that it does not bring pre-programmed recipes.

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  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Versatile.
  • Includes special stone for pizzas.
  • Two cleaning systems: steam and pyrolysis.




  • It does not bring pre-programmed recipes.