Teka SteakMaster, pyrolytic multifunction oven with 20 programs

teka steakmaster.jpg
teka steakmaster.jpg

The Teka SteakMaster is the first and only oven designed to enjoy the perfect ribeye with the quality of restaurant at home. An appliance manufactured to achieve the perfect point of the meat.

Teka SteakMaster, prepare your favorite meat for you in the preferred finish

The German brand Teak, specialized in comprehensive solutions for the kitchen, launches the innovative oven SteakMaster. An appliance conceived to enjoy a perfect grilled meat without leaving home.

The oven that cooks like a chef

This new product from Teak offers a score of automatic programs to cook meat just like a professional. Furthermore, by incorporating the SteakGrill it is possible to give the appearance crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Not forgetting the advantageous cleaning system Hydroclean, which facilitates the laborious work.

Teka SteakMaster

SteakMaster lets cook sirloin, entrecote or grilled burgers in just a few minutes as if we were a chef with years of experience. The 20 automatic programs they have prepared for different types of meat, cuts and finishes. You can choose the kind, thickness and the point desired meat, with the aim of achieving a restaurant result.

Product Details

The oven includes a Manual mode that allows you to vary the parameters to taste, so that you can always get your favorite point. You don’t have to be a specialist cook. We only have to worry about choosing the favorite meat. The SteakMaster includes a program for temper the meat at 40ºC for 20 minutes. And with him SteakGrill, composed of two ceramic plates, reaches the 700ºC, in combination with special cast iron grill, you can get a caramelization effect, sealing the meat, which remains crunchy Y juicy.

Teka SteakMaster

The SteakMaster It has all the features of a latest generation multifunction oven. Have touch screen; 20 pre-programmed international recipes; and double cleaning system: function of pyrolysis that turns fat into ash, function Hydroclean for the daily routine of quick cleaning. In addition, the oven comes with two true professional accessories: a Arcos professional knife from 210 mm Y special grill glove.

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