Tesmed Max 830, tone your body with this electrostimulator

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tesmed max 830 cabecera.jpg

A muscle electrostimulator such as Tesmed Max 830 It is the ideal complement to your exercise routine to tone and strengthen your muscles even more. For some time, the muscle electrostimulation It has been used to provide certain benefits in our body that today, with us, you can discover.

What is the Tesmed Max 830?

The Tesmed Max 830 is a professional electrostimulator that comes with its own battery and that corresponds to the top of the range of the Tesmed brand. This particular device comes with Different programs that will help you tone and strengthen the muscles, as well as using it for other benefits such as recovery or microcirculation.

The sequential wave system or waims takes care of stimulate sequentially from top to bottom, what favors the microcirculation and, in addition, it comes with 20 configurable programs in frequency, intensity and duration, apart from others 79 preset multiphase.

In this way, you can achieve a maximum power of 99 intensity levels And it brings a color manual with 220 treatments and 79 photos to help you use it safely. All this accompanied by 20 quality electrodes and different sizes for different areas.

Practical uses

This device has quite a few uses. Of course, it must be borne in mind that it is a complementary tool to our exercise routine and that we cannot expect miraculous results without doing anything.

That said, this model has 90 aesthetic treatments that help reduce and contrast cellulite, firm buttocks, legs, the abdominal area and prevent stretch marks.

It also acts directly on the muscles, thus increasing their mass and firming it up. With the use of four channels, it is able to stimulate four different muscle areas simultaneously if you use eight electrodes and, in addition, you can also adjust the intensity of each channel.

In this way, you can tone your body following the instructions in the manual or customizing the device to stimulate the area you want, in addition to also will help you improve circulation with 35 treatments that are proposed to you for it. Thus, you will complete your routine and obtain the expected results much earlier.

Tesmed Max 830

Features of the Tesmed Max 830

Tesmed Max 830
Kind of product: muscle electrostimulator
Batteries: 1 Product specific required (s), including (s)
Product dimensions: 12.8 x 5.8 x 1.8 cm
Weight: 780 grams
Manufacturer: TESMED
Product model number: Tesmed max 830
Indicated for: Unisex adult
Functions: abdominals, muscle strengthening, contractures, inesthetisms, tension massages
Content: electrostimulator, electrodes, instruction manual

Opinions from the Tesmed Max 830

This muscle stimulator has a very good value for money. Thanks to the included manual it is very easy to use and has various power levels and different uses to get a wide variety of benefits. Its most negative points could be found in that your electrodes sometimes don’t stick well and that it does not warn when the download will arrive.

Tesmed Max 830

Availability and price of the Tesmed Max 830

This device is an ideal complement to your exercise routine, so what do you think of a treadmill like the Hobitech RUN-TEC2020 to exercise actively?

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very well explained manual.
  • Variety of benefits.

  • Electrodes sometimes do not stick well.
  • It does not notify when the download is going to be carried out.

Total score