The essential devices for swimming pools this summer

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Aparatos Para Piscinas.jpg

During the summer, many privileged people have the possibility to bathe in their private pools. At a time when public toilets are not insured, due to the Covid-19 health crisis, being comfortable in our pools is essential. There are many ways to improve this space in your home; customization is the order of the day and different accessories can be purchased to do so. Find out here the best devices for swimming pools on the market and choose the ones you like the most. Fun, saving time in cleaning and decorating, are some of the objectives of this type of devices and objects. We are sure that many of them will end up being a regular in your pools.

Lighting systems

The external lighting systems they have a very high customization capacity. Currently there are lights LED that can be submerged; This type of lighting allows color changes to change the appearance of the pool constantly. In addition, the vast majority come with different functions, some of them automatic, so that there are constant changes in the lights. One of the simplest and cheapest ways to give character to this utility. In addition, you can make your pool a real show at night thanks to this small investment.

Pool cleaning devices

Keeping the pool clean is essential, and having to be day after day collecting dirt by hand ends up tiring. That’s why there are different automated cleaning devices that do this job for you. For example, robots that take care of bottom debris, or others that focus on the most superficial dirt, especially bugs and other grass. It is a task that can be done by hand, but the time it takes to maintain a clean pool is high, and hours of enjoyment are lost. This type of equipment for swimming pools is highly recommended, whether or not it is going to be used regularly. We already talked about the importance of cleaning in another article that explained how to clean garden tools.

Blankets and covers

In this same line of cleaning, a good method to avoid the accumulation of residues, are the blankets and covers. There is manual placement, cheap and affordable, although more rudimentary; there is also the option of an automated cover that extends and retracts itself. Both options are good, although obviously one is more expensive than the other. Be that as it may, if you want to prevent the pool from filling with dirt, especially at night, one of these accessories may be convenient.

Pool covers help keep water clean from windblown debris

Heaters as pool appliances

During the summer, everyone is looking to cool off in the pool, but at other times of the year, pools become useless. That is why there is the option of heaters, both in folding pools, and in those that are underground. Even in hotter seasons, there may be a night when you feel like enjoying a hot bath. It is an extra for any pool, and it is increasingly in demand, especially in removable pools that are placed on small terraces. It will not achieve the results of a Jacuzzi, but it will heat the water and increase its temperature until it is bearable.

Security systems

You always have to pay special attention to swimming pool equipment in terms of safety. There are many ways to make this space in your home a much safer place. To begin with, we must talk about the typical lifeguards, which will soon be mandatory in private pools.

Also auxiliary stairs, allowing more exit routes in an emergency. In the case of folding pools, which usually have a certain height, it is convenient to have a ladder that can be removed, so that children cannot access without supervision.

Finally, as a major novelty, there are the aelectronic security larms. There is a perimeter, which warns if something or someone approaches the edge of the pool; and immersion, which alarm the moment something or someone submerges. It is a device that can save lives and truly has great safety value. Their prices are not low, but investing in security is always a good option because you never have to trust yourself.

Leisure gadgets

Leisure in the pools always has a degree of presence, and more if there are children in the family. There are many devices for swimming pools that add an extra fun. For example, slides and trampolines, which are placed on the edge of the pool and are used as access to the water. This type of accessory is in great demand, but it is recommended that they always be used in a supervised and safe way. In addition, a good placement is key so that no accident occurs.

Pool equipment

Leisure in the pools is a very important point; slides, trampolines and floats are some examples

Another of the basics in any pool is the float. There are floats of all kinds, either to lie down and sunbathe, to ride and get carried away by the water, or to perform sports such as water polo or water basketball. In this last aspect, we must also refer to external accessories, such as baskets, goals or nets, which represent a new method of fun in private pools. Fun and sport do not have to be at odds. Summer is a great time to stay in shape and there is no better place than your own home to do it.

Waterfalls and massage systems such as swimming pool devices

Finally, let’s talk about the relaxation systems that can currently be implemented. An example is the waterfalls that feed back with the water from the pool itself; they are very relaxing and, in addition, serve as decoration. But this is not the only way to get a private spa, since massage systems that use water as jets can also be implemented. Sure, this is quite a whimsical addition, but once in a while it’s okay to give yourself gifts as well.