The Ikea Skofräken pillow is a star purchase, according to the OCU


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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has made a comparison between different pillows on the market to choose the one that stands out the most in terms of quality – price. First and listed as buy star we found the pillow Ikea Skofräkena very economical model with good specifications.

Characteristics of the Ikea Skofräken pillow

For this comparison, they have taken as a reference 11 different pillows, of different modalities (latex, viscoelastic, fiber, cervical, modular and feather). The one that has been placed in first position is this Ikea Skofräkena model of tall pillow which has a filling hollow fibers from recycled materials and a fabric of lyocell and cotton.

ikea pillow

It seeks to offer maximum comfort to the user, while absorbing moisture from the sweat that we may have during the night and offering us perspiration, which is very important, especially in the hottest months. In addition, we can wash it 60 degreeswhich, apart from removing possible stains, also kills allergens or other microscopic organisms that we can find on our pillow, even if they are invisible.

If you like high pillows this is a very good option for you. Those who have already tried it define it as very comfortable and soft. Having a good pillow is essential to take care of our rest, but also of our health, since a bad posture at night can lead to a very bad day. Ikea claims that it is a ideal pillow if you sleep on your back or side.

Availability and price

We have it available in a format of 45x90cm on the ikea store for a price of 15 euros. We can also buy it in format 40x75cm at the same price or 50x60cm for only 12 euros.

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Via | OCU