The most efficient way to clean our tools

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Limpiar Nuestras Herramientas Foto 1.jpg

Our toolbox has many tools, but the truth is that there are some that we use much more than others, such as wrenches, pliers or scissors, tools that they must always be clean and in perfect condition so that they do not have resistance due to rust or grease when using them and that they really serve as useful. Today from GizHogar we bring you a few tips and tricks to clean our tools and leave them free of grease and rust.

Homemade products to clean our tools

Alcohol and olive oil

The best way to keep our tools in perfect condition is, once we have used them, to clean them with a toothbrush dipped in alcohol. When we are done with the alcohol to disinfect them, the we rinse with water and we leave them during two hours immersed in oil made of olives. This will help us to facilitate the mobility of all areas of the tools.

Preventing and maintaining our tools is essential to avoid rust

When that time passes and we take them out, we wash them with soap and water to remove the oil leftover and we will keep them. It does not matter if there is any remaining oil because it helps prevent oxidation of the metal.

Vinegar, baking soda, lemon, potato, and aluminum foil

If our tools already show signs of oxidation, there are several homemade products that will help us eliminate them. Vinegar is a very effective product against mold and oxidation on metals, so if we put our tools in a container and we cover them with vinegar, leaving them for a couple of hours, we will take them out and rub with a toothbrush. We will see that they will have recovered their shine and the oxidation will have disappeared.

The baking soda mixed with water it also removes rust by scrubbing with a toothbrush or steel wool pad. Regarding the lemon, we squeeze its juice and spread it over the affected areas. We let it act for thirty minutes and rub with the brush or scouring pad.

clean our tools

The raw potato is one of the homemade products that will surprise us with its result

Another of the homemade tricks that we bring you to clean our tools is the potato, since if we use it raw, its oxalic acid will remove mold and rust from metal almost immediately. We peel the potato, cut it and with one of the pieces we rub it on the affected area. We can enhance the result like baking soda or vinegar.

Finally, the foil it also works to remove rust and mold from tools. We just have to soak it in water and rub the affected area, it will regain its shine and all residues will disappear.