These are the foods you should NOT put in the microwave

terry johns

these are the foods you should not put in the microwave

If you are one of those who would not know how to survive without a microwave , today we want to give you a hand so that you avoid having certain disasters in your kitchen that could bring you more than one headache. Write down this  list of foods that you should NOT put in the microwave and avoid accidents.

Foods you shouldn’t put in the microwave

Shelled egg:  It sounds very appetizing to cook a hard-boiled egg directly in the microwave, but the truth is that, as steam accumulates inside the shell, it could cause an explosion inside the microwave itself or when we just took it out.

A chili pepper:  Dishes that have chili peppers (or even if you put a whole chilli pepper in) could release chemical compounds, capsaicin (the one responsible for the heat), and cause eye problems when you take the dish out of the microwave.

Green leafy vegetables Perhaps you never considered that microwaved green leafy vegetables can be dangerous. They are a type of food that need moisture, but since the microwave is dry, sparks could occur.

Grapes:  Something similar happens, sparks could fly, since it is not a food that should be heated. If you don’t take them out quickly you might even see a flame come out. Watch out!


Paper or plastic bags:  Paper bags can produce dangerous vapors when heated and even start a small fire. Plastic, for its part, can melt and also cause accidents.

Toothpicks:  Never insert a toothpick (or anything made of wood) by mistake, as it is a flammable material and could end badly.

Tomato sauce:  Beyond the fact that tomato stains on tupperware do not come out even with hot water, it can release microparticles and produce small sparks inside the appliance, in addition to splashing everywhere. If you need to heat something with tomato, to be sure, always put a special lid for microwaves.