These are the sofas that are currently being seen the most in Spanish homes

these are the sofas that are currently being seen the most in spanish homes
these are the sofas that are currently being seen the most in spanish homes

Trends are constantly changing in many sectors, as the fashion and technology sectors demonstrate. Another clear example of this is the field of furniture. Specifically today we will focus on one of the most important pieces of furniture: sofas .

And it is that in 2022 those sofas that have a greater presence in the houses and flats of Spain are those that have the following characteristics. Read them carefully, especially if you plan to buy a good sofa and do not know which option to choose.

Experienced brands that are committed to the ‘Made in Spain’ philosophy

One of the brands that have become very present in Spanish homes is known as Fama sofas . And it is not for less, since it has everything that current consumers give importance to.

In the first place, it accumulates a long history behind it. Specifically, we are talking about a total that exceeds half a century . And it is that it began its activity in the sofa sector in 1970.

This does not translate into classic or too conventional results, quite the opposite. The manufacturing processes carried out today have little to do with those of yesteryear. Basically this aspect is the result of how much it is committed to innovation in terms of technology .

Investing in R&D is not the only thing that Fama sofas usually do . They also apply a philosophy that consists of manufacturing their products in Spain.

There are more and more consumers who only opt for elements that are shaped in the national territory. Thus, it is not surprising that the ‘Made in Spain’ label is so relevant today .

Customizable designs with a three-dimensional simulator

Another characteristic shared by most of the sofas that are experiencing the greatest boom in Spain is related to design. Although it is true that comfort and functionality are two very important aspects, little by little the visual result obtained when buying a sofa is being given greater importance .

In this sense, it is best to design a personalized set, thus ensuring that it adapts completely to the tastes and preferences of each one . But how is it possible to do it? Thanks to the existence of a 3D simulator it is more than feasible.

Precisely Fama is one of the brands that have this tool on its official website. What stands out the most are the numerous possibilities offered to consumers, who can make their dreams come true by obtaining an ideal sofa with upholstery to suit each user .

Another aspect that draws the attention of the 3D simulator is that it is easy to use . Sofa manufacturers know that offering an intuitive graphical interface is key to success in the middle of 2022, so they do not hesitate to make the appropriate efforts to simplify the operation.

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Price quality

The last characteristic shared by the most successful sofas is the one that Sofassimo sofas carry as a flag . Indeed, we refer to a good value for money.

In times of economic crisis it is understandable that consumers prefer to save as much money as possible , even when buying an item for the home as important as a sofa. Fortunately, this does not have to translate into obtaining a result that leaves much to be desired. I would counter everything.

Sofa stores like the one we have just mentioned have chosen to reduce their profit margins as much as possible in order to set very reasonable prices that attract the attention of users .

Thus, the most successful sofas today are those made in Spain, customizable through the Internet and with an excellent value for money .