This Ikea faucet can help you save (a lot) water at home

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boquilla para el grifo de ikea.jpg

In recent months, we have focused on saving energy to reduce electricity bill consumption, but we have totally forgotten another of the basic supplies: water. And it is also very important that we try to save the water we use, both to save money at the end of the month and to avoid wasting natural resources as important as this one. For this, today we talk about the nozzle for the Ikea ÅBÄCKEN faucet.

Features of the Ikea ÅBÄCKEN faucet spout

It is not a complete faucet, but a Ikea faucet spout which allows let’s adjust the way the water comes out. In this way, the volume of water we use to wash the dishes, wash our hands, clean our teeth will be reduced… The company quantifies the savings in up to one 95% compared to other traditional nozzles.

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As it is an economical product, its main material is plasticcombined with ceramics. It is capable of emitting the jet of water in spray mode or in mist mode. You will simply have to place the lever included in the diffuser in the correct position to choose between these two modes the one you prefer at all times. Thanks to the high speed at which the water comes out, each drop is capable of dividing itself into smaller drops but with more force, a principle that helps us to clean efficiently, with a smaller amount of water.

Availability and price

It will be one of the great novelties of Ikea for this fall. Specifically, it is expected to be available from October 2022. Regarding its price, they have only advanced us that it will be quite cheap, but we still do not have an exact figure.

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