This is the curious filter for the washing machine that AEG has announced

terry johns

this is the curious filter for the washing machine that aeg has announced

Environmental pollution is a problem that we should really pay attention to once and for all. Although many groups consider that we are already late to the cause and that the deterioration of the planet is irreversible, the truth is that it is better late than never and that perhaps we are still in time to step on the brake pedal. In this sense, today we are talking about the new  AEG initiative , which has announced a new  filter for the washing machine that can help us do our bit from home.

The new (and curious) filter for the AEG washing machine wants to eliminate the plastic microfibers that are generated with each wash

Did you know that using washing machines causes around half a million tons of plastic microfibers to be deposited in the ocean  every year? The solution from the manufacturer AEG is to install a filter for the washing machine in our home, although the project is still somewhat in its infancy if we see its characteristics.

filter for washing machine aeg

The first thing that stands out is that this filter, for the moment, there is no option to insert it among the components of this appliance and you would have it  outside the washing machine , but connected to the drain. Its objective is to capture up to 90% of the plastic microfibers that are generated in each wash and it would be built with at least  50% recycled materials .

It would be a  fine mesh filter capable of capturing the fibers that are released when we wash clothes, especially synthetic clothes, such as polyester . Afterwards, we would have to empty the deposit in the garbage can destined for plastics.

Availability and price

This filter is priced at 87.90 euros and is now available at authorized stores. The truth is that, although the initiative is worth applauding, we still do not consider it to be completely fine-tuned, since having a filter outside the washing machine itself can cause problems in some homes, especially in those where little is available. space or where the washing machine is placed in places like the kitchen, where placing a filter connected to it can be quite cumbersome.