This is the kettle of the summer that is sold out in stores


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When something becomes fashionable, buying it becomes almost an impossible mission. It is the case of Lidl kettle that is sweeping this summer and that you are going to be very lucky if you finally get it. But what is the key to its success? A very fresh design, a cheap price and very good quality. Do you want to know him better? Here we tell you everything about him.

Characteristics of the most summery Lidl kettle

We find two kettles that have two very cool prints, ideal for this summer season: a lemon print and a ceramic print. with a weight of 800 gramsits dimensions are 20.5 x 15.7 x 23cm. Built with a steel casing high quality, the design is treated by hand to prevent chipping or loss of paint with use. Its useful capacity is 1.7 liters.

water boiler

It comes with a button so that we can open the lid with just one hand and make it easier for us to handle it. In addition, they have an automatic shutdown function and a protection system in the event of a lack of water, to avoid possible mishaps.

Its power is 3,100W and it also offers us a water level indicator, so that at all times we know if we need to add water or not. Its base rotates 360º and it comes with a integrated cable reel so that the kitchen is as collected as possible when we are not using it, as well as with a removable anti-scale filter.

Availability and price

As we told you, due to its designs and its good characteristics, it is one of the most sought-after products this summer. In the Lidl online store you can set an alert to notify you when it is available again. Its price is €27.99.

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