This is the new Google lamp that you will not be able to buy

lampara de google dlight.jpg
lampara de google dlight.jpg

Within the framework of the smart home, we have just discovered a new Google product that, however, already seems to be quite complicated to buy. Is about dLightthe new google lamp that it has been developed without the intention of putting it up for sale and that it seems that it is going to remain exclusively for company workers. So you know, or your payroll is paid by Sundar Pichai, you’ll have to settle for seeing these images.

Characteristics of the new Google dLight lamp

It is a LED floor lamp compatible with Google Assistant. This means that we will be able to control the lamp through our voice. You can make use of the benefits of the Smart Home thanks to its connectivity Wifi available, which will allow us to use it from the mobile, but also link it to other objects in our connected home to maximize its possibilities. Of course, this also affects whether the gadget can receive updates via OTA.


In its design, it has a circular base and a post where the light is housed. It will be possible change the temperature of the light, as well as other settings. Its color, following the company’s design lines, will be exclusive to White.

Why will it only be available to Google workers?

The truth is that there is no logical reason not to allow its purchase to anyone who wants it, but from the ranks of the company they have affirmed that it is a design that has been created with a simple objective and without marketing pretensions: make it easier for your employees to work from home. Google is one of the most innovative companies that exist and also one of the ones that makes the most facilities when working remotely.

Via | 9to5Google