This Telegram bot informs you every day of the price of electricity

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By now we have all gotten used to having breakfast looking at the electricity price For the day. With this information we can know whether to advance or delay our food if we have to use the oven, when it is cheaper to put the washing machine on (although at this point we should say when it is “less expensive”) and other routines. This scene surely sounds familiar to you. But if you are already tired of watching the news every day or having apps installed on your phone for this, today we are going to talk about a Telegram bot that automatically informs you of the price of electricity for the day.

PVPC electricity rate prices: this is how this useful Telegram bot works

A Telegram-bot It is a chat in which you automatically receive certain messages of interest. There are as many bots as likes can exist, but in this case, more than like, PVPC electricity tariff prices It provides us with useful information. Every day, at 10 p.m.we will receive a message with a breakdown of the price of electricity per hour.

In addition, to make it more visual for us, we will also have this information in the form of graph and at the end a brief summary to access the most important information even faster: when is the minimum and when is the maximum, both in hours and in price per kWh.

We will see all this in a single message. Don’t worry, you won’t be spammed anymore, you will only have your information pill once a day.

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How to subscribe to this channel

If you liked this idea, you will only need to have Telegram installed on the device where you want to receive this information, open this link and click on Subscribe. Like any other chat, you can mute it if you wish, so that, instead of receiving the notification, you can be the one who enters the chat on demand to see the info.