Tigoût, the haute pastry in capsules, arrives in Spain


After coffee in capsules, today a revolution is coming to Spain. His name is Tigoût and it’s about haute pastry in capsules so that we can prepare at home without any effort, with excellent results and with the possibility of acquiring the products through a subscription service so that it is cheaper.

What is Tigoût, the new high-end pastry in capsules

If you want to have a gourmet experience every day and have freshly baked high-quality cakes always available, Tigoût is for you. It’s about a device that bakes cakes from capsules available with a wide variety of recipes and flavors, both sweet What salty. As a user, we will only have to turn on the machine to heat it up, remove the sheet from the capsule, place it in the baking mold and with tweezers insert it into the device.

The machine has dimensions of 253 x 231 x 323 mm and a weight of 6.3 kg. It has the capacity to two molds. It is available in color black or white. There are currently six recipes available, although they promise to expand the catalog: Dark Explosion, Guilty Caramel, Dark Pleasure, White Blend, British Soul and Cheesy Bomb.

Availability and price

It can now be purchased at your Online store, with the particularity that it is available for domestic users only in the Community of Madrid or for companies throughout the peninsula. The price is 339 euros with 36 gift capsules, although it can also be purchased through a subscription model, at a cost of only 1 euro by the device and 54 euros per month for the capsules, with a permanence of 12 months. Another cheaper option is the subscription model of 36 euros per month and a cost for the device 79 euros. If you want to buy the capsules without a subscription, the cost is 9 euros for 6 units.