Tips for choosing a thermal blind


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Climate change wreaks havoc in the country, as well as the rise in the price of electricity in the economy of families. Many people look for any solution that allows them to keep their homes comfortable without spending a fortune on heating or air conditioning systems. One of the solutions that is causing a trend is the heat and cold insulating thermal blind, avoiding foreseeable extreme temperatures, due to the aforementioned climate change, inside the buildings. With this highly decorative element, access to a form of get a more efficient home and spend less on resources with which to maintain an optimal temperature.

Within the insulating blinds there are different types according to the fabric and designs. Each of the existing models will better fulfill some functions and better cover some needs than others. For this reason, it is essential to know what is the goal you want to achieve and follow some advice that will help you make the right choice.

What is a thermal blind

Before continuing with the recommendations, it is convenient to know what exactly a thermal blind is. As their name indicates, they are elements that facilitate the thermal insulation of a room, while providing a certain degree of privacy and having a very positive decorative impact. Likewise, like the rest of elements of this type, they fulfill the function of regulate the passage of sunlight.

The difference with the rest of traditional blinds is that They are made with fabrics that regulate the degrees of temperature that escape through the glass, without altering its decorative function.since there is a wide variety of designs.

thermal blind

Types of materials

In the market you can find different materials for the manufacture of these thermal blinds. On the one hand, there are those made of polyester and PVC, which are the most common, offer good insulation and come in different colors and finishes. They also happen to be more economical.

On the other hand, there are fiberglass modelswhich are more resistant to the direct impact of the sun and have a greater insulating capacity, so the difference in temperature will be more noticeable than in the previous case.

Recommendations for choosing a thermal blind correctly

In the first place, it will be necessary to attend to the needs that must be covered. If you need a very insulating material because the area in which it lives is very hot in summer, it is advisable to invest in fiberglass blinds if the budget allows it, because the results in relation to insulation will be more remarkable. In the case of living in a cold area, it will not be necessary and the polyester and PVC ones will suffice.

Another aspect to consider is the cost, as just mentioned because, whenever possible, it is advisable to adjust as much as possible to the economic amount that you want to dedicate to this element of the home.

In relation to the functional and aesthetic part, There are different designs, both in shape and in the finish in colours, patterns… In this sense, the market offers Roller blinds, folding, Japanese, opaque or in screen fabrics… In any case, it is best to go to a trusted expert to receive advice in relation to the ideas you have and the space where you want to install it. As might be expected, they are specialists in blinds the most appropriate to make recommendations on which type is best in each place or which of them offers the best benefits for the needs that must be covered according to the type of home or stay.

Advantages of thermal blinds

Now that it has been explained what thermal blinds are and what types there are, it is important to know the different benefits they provide.

energy saving

The first is necessary in these times. The great energy savings that these blinds provide help to reduce the amount of heat that enters a building, so decreases the need to use air conditioning. Reducing in turn in the monthly bill for the consumption of electricity.

Greater comfort

The second big advantage is the comfort of maintaining a constant temperature and pleasant inside the house, permanently improving comfort.

aesthetic improvement

As with traditional blinds, they are elements that are commonly used to improve home design. These elements are manufactured in different colors, shapes and sizes to easily adapt them to the decoration of the place.

Resistance and low maintenance

Is about very durable and resistant elements They need little maintenance, so the investment, in this sense, is well worth it.