Tips for cleaning fabrics and removing all bad odors

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Today from Gizhogar we bring you more advice for cleaning our home, in this case, to clean fabrics and eliminate bad odors. There is nothing more disturbing than seeing stains on the fabrics of our furniture, such as armchairs or the sofa, substances so tedious to clean like gum, red wine and pen ink. Well, don’t worry, follow our tips and you will breathe easy.

How to clean fabrics with gum, ink and wine

Bubble gum

Gum stains are very difficult to clean, because the more you rub, the more it spreads. However, ice is the most powerful enemy of this substance, because if we apply it to the area where it has stuck, the cold makes the rubber harden and we can easily remove it.

Pen ink

Ballpoint ink is a very tough stain that feels like it can’t be fixed. Nevertheless, warm milk fights it very well. When what is stained is an armchair or sofa, we have to be careful when using it because is more complicated than if it were a shirt. After a few minutes apply soapy water and it will be completely gone.

Red wine is one of the most difficult stains to remove, but here we help you do it

Red wine

Wine stains are typical on tablecloths after family meals or celebrations with friends and the best way to combat them is with white wine or, failing that, with soda and salt mixed in a container. After a few minutes you have to rinse the area with soap and water and the tablecloth will be like new.

And how do we eliminate bad odors?

We also bring you some tricks to remove bad odors from the microwave, such as the Samsung Mc28M6055Cs, and from the refrigerator, as well as the Samsung French Door RF24FSEDBSR.


The best way to eliminate the bad smell from our microwave is cutting a lemon in several pieces, put it in a container with water and heat it for three minutes at full power. When it’s done, leave it inside for another minute and then you’ll see that the bad smell is completely gone.


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