Tips for cleaning your food processor effectively

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On other occasions we have talked about cleaning appliances and the importance of keeping them in good condition and extending their useful life. Today from GizHogar we bring you some tips for cleaning the food processor in the best way and eliminate all the residues that may remain in it after cooking, just as we did with the cleaning of the mixer.

To keep our food processor like the first day, it is important that we protect the engine from contact with water before cleaning and also that we are very careful when cleaning the processor blades.

What products do we use to clean the food processor?

Soap and water, the multipurpose home remedy

It may seem like evidence, but soak a cloth in soapy water to clean the outside of the robot It is the best way to make it shiny and remove dirt. In the same way, if we pass a sponge wet with soap and water inside, we will be able to remove the fat and residues of food that have been cooked. Remember to anticipate problems and protect the motor and electrical connections of the appliance well.

The mixture of soapy water is the best to clean the robot on the outside and inside

Before cleaning, the first thing is to let it cool completely and, of course, unplug it from the electrical current. Then We disassemble it following the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure we don’t damage any parts and that afterwards everything works correctly. One of the tricks is to take a photo of each piece in its place so that later we can place them the same.

When we have disassembled all the pieces, the best thing is put them in a container with soap and water to remove fat completely. If we have a dishwasher, we can clean the glass pieces in it. If the fat still persists when we remove the parts from the container with soap and water, we can apply vinegar with a sprayer and let it act for a few minutes and then dry them.

clean the food processor

When we have finished cleaning, carefully place the pieces in their positions

Then we have to dry all the pieces very well with absorbent paper before mounting them in place so that everything works again. If you have taken a photo of how the pieces were placed, you just have to look. If not, follow the manufacturer’s steps so you don’t go wrong. When you finish, you can use the food processor again to prepare all your recipes.