Tips to remove wrinkles from clothes without using the iron

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If you don’t like ironing or are in a hurry to stop to do it, today from GizHogar we bring you the best tricks and tips to remove wrinkles from clothes without using the iron. The truth is that ironing is one of the most tedious tasks of daily work, especially during the summer months with the heat that the iron also gives off.

The best tricks to remove wrinkles from clothes

There are numerous methods to be able to show off our clothes without wrinkles and without having to spend time ironing lots of clothes and spending electricity, since we can start hanging the clothes well when we hang them or using the steam from the shower. Also, when you have free time or are on vacation, the last thing you want is to turn on the iron, so write down these tips well and relax.

Hang the clothes well stretched and hang them on hangers

This advice is one of the most effective so that clothes do not get wrinkled and all we have to do is shake it well, stretch all the parts and think very well where to place the tweezers (seams, hidden areas …). We assure you that the result will be very satisfactory.

Hanging clothes on hangers when taking them out of the washing machine is a great trick to avoid wrinkles

Another trick is to use hangers to store clothes in our closet. It’s more, If we hang our clothes on hangers as soon as we take them out of the washing machine and let them dry, we will avoid the marks of pegs or the clothesline.

Shower steamer and hair straightener

Before getting into the shower, choose the clothes you want to remove wrinkles from, although keep in mind that This trick works on fine garments such as blouses or shirts. Hang them for 15 minutes and you will see how steam from hot water makes wrinkles disappear without using the iron. As to the hair straightener is a fantastic accessory to remove the smallest wrinkles from cuffs and collars.

clothing wrinkles

The hair straightener will be used for the cuffs and neck of shirts and blouses.

Use a suitable dryer program and a mattress

If we have a dryer at home, using the appropriate program is very easy for our clothes to come out without wrinkles. What’s more, a good trick is to apply a little moisture to dry clothes that you want to remove wrinkles, activate a 15-minute cycle, remove the clothes and hang them. Finally, a very efficient trick to remove wrinkles from clothes is place items under the mattress for at least an hour, so the best thing is that they are placed there before sleeping.