Tips when choosing ergonomic office chairs

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Whether it is when facilities are being built in a company or simply when you want to have the best personal experience in the workplace, the choice of the ergonomic office chairs it is something that should not be taken lightly. The variety of models and prices on the market is really high, although you can always find some key points to keep in mind.

Most of the studies carried out indicate that more than a third of office workers suffer back pain and it ends up being the health problem that generates the most costs for a company, even being the second cause of visits to the doctor and the third work reason that leads to surgery. This is why while ergonomic office chairs can sometimes seem like a high expense, in the end you can avoid higher costs.

Key design details

To avoid health problems, a correct position is also needed by the user

One of the fundamental elements to take into account when choosing is in the capacity to adjust the height of the seat, since it is necessary that the position of the torso is correctly aligned in front of the work desk and the height of the monitor. If this is too low there will be problems in the lumbar area over time, and in contrast, unnecessary efforts will be generated on the vertebrae and muscles of the dorsal part and the trapezius.

When it comes to backup, it is key that the user’s abdomen does not look compressed, something that can cause circulation and digestive problemsWhile on the back there must be support on the lumbar area, so whenever possible you have to look for ergonomic office chairs that allow an adjustment in the inclination.

Each person has their particularities in weight and height, so alternatives should be sought that ensure coverage of the entire back, While those who tend to suffer from neck pain may have to spend a little more on a model with a headrest on the upper part, something essential to rest the vertebrae in the dorsal area avoiding excessive torsion of the spine.

What else to look for in ergonomic office chairs?


Ofisillas has variants for all types of budgets

Completing all of the above, ergonomic office chairs need an armrest that ensure a comfortable and correct posture at all times, with the arms positioned at a 90º angle while interacting with the keyboard, while supporting the elbows and forearms. It is true that sometimes it can be somewhat uncomfortable according to the tastes of each user, so if they are adjustable it is an extra point to value.

Finally, today it is common for all chairs to arrive with a distribution of wheels at the base that ensure greater comfort to change position or move around the workplace. The same It needs to have five support points for better stability, a detail not to be neglected at the time of purchase.

Thanks to stores like Ofisillas there are an endless number of models to compare, with the most recognized brands on the market and at different prices that suit the budget of each user. It is clear that the price varies in most cases according to the quality of its materials, something that impacts on the useful lifel (that is, how long they can be used before needing to change them).

In conclusion, these are some of the recommendations to consider when buying ergonomic office chairs. You, what experiences have you had in this section? Have you suffered from problems with Health because of spending many hours on the wrong chair?