Top tips to save on household bills

top tips to save on household bills
top tips to save on household bills

Although it is not something that many people give too much importance to, the truth is that those who wish to reduce the amount of money to be paid at the end of the month with the different essential services can do so without having to make any extra effort. Next We review some tips to save on household bills.

Whether to have a healthier home as well as to reduce expenses on electricity bills, gas and other conventional services in any house in the world, the new devices available on the market have several features that help to make control much more simplified. In total we mention five points that can generate a more relevant change than one could imagine.

energy saving lamps

At this point it is already quite well known around the world, but perhaps there are still some people who distrust the real impact that is generated on saving on household bills, specifically electricity. Replacing the classic incandescent bulbs with the current low consumption ones means up to 80% less energy consumption while its superior useful life (about ten times longer) argues for its higher price.

Those with the budget available should dare to change all the lights in your house for an LED-type system, although of course its high price is not ideal for everyone. Of course, over the years that expense ends up being recovered and more than that.

Disconnect unused devices

Simply for convenience, many electronic devices are left connected to electricity 24 hours a day, even if it takes many days before they are used again. It is clear that the standby mode of the equipment reduces consumption as much as possible, but at the end of the month the average of this type of inactive connections means more than 10% of the total electricity bill.

Controlling the heating

Why wear a T-shirt during the coldest days of the year or bundled up during the height of summer? Having good control of the heating system in the home is essential to enjoy a comfortable day to day without being cold or hot, although excess consumption makes it almost impossible for tips to save on household bills to take effect.

It is worth noting that the latest appliances not only make it easier to maintain temperature control, but also its integrated Wi-Fi connections allow you to modify it even when you are away from home, as shown from Thus, it is only necessary to turn on the thermostat or air conditioning a while before arriving home to find an ideal climate and not leave them running 24 hours a day.

The water also in sight

The number of liters that are spent during the most conventional activities of the day, from brushing teeth to the extra minutes spent under the shower, not only means a higher cost at the end of the month on the bill but also a worrying ecological damage on a resource that is finite.

In addition to the known Among the tips to save, it is also advisable to review the water consumption of household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. while the unnecessary use of hot water is one of the main components of a monthly electricity or gas bill (the cost of hot water accounts for around 25% of the energy consumption of a normal home).

efficient appliances


Finally, a label that is not often looked at when buying a new electronic product is that of energy consumption. Currently you can find models that reach a maximum A +++ certification, which are usually part of the high ranges of manufacturers and with a logical cost well above average. However, the higher your energy bill rating will save you literally hundreds of dollars over the years.

It is also worth noting that to save on household bills, you should take into account those devices that consume the most on average and try to use them as little as possible (and never leave them connected to the power). For example, appliances like washing machinesdryers, oven, dishwasher, ceramic hob and microwave are in the top positions.