TOQIBO skipping rope, home exercise gadget


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If you are looking for new gadgets for exercise at homeToday we have found a product that we already have on our wish list. We talk to you about the TOQIBO jump rope, which can give us a lot of play for our training routines. We reveal its technical characteristics, where to buy it and what is the price you will have to pay to have something else to motivate you to do sports without leaving home. Spoiler: it’s pretty cheap.

Technical characteristics of the TOQIBO jump rope

This TOQIBO jump rope is the ideal complement if you use the Youtube channels to exercise at home. It has a great advantage and that is that we can use it with or without ropedepending on the space we have. The jump rope is 3 meters long, but if we use it without a rope, the length is only 30 cm, ideal for small homes.

TOQIBO jump rope

It has a digital counter as a screen, where we can view calories, count the jumps we have made or record the time we have been exercising. All this can help motivate us to improve our brands every day.

To facilitate the grip, it has a non-slip silicone handle. And, in addition, movement with optimal rotation is also made easier, thanks to the high-quality ball bearing. You will be sure that this string spins faster than others.

Availability and price

Do you want to buy it? Now comes the good news. It is a very cheap product. For less than 20 euros you have an excellent option to do cardio, HIIT and other types of similar exercises that will help you stay in shape without leaving home. There are no excuses. To maximize its benefits, we recommend that you follow a routine established by a professional and that you be consistent.