Transcent, the gadget that will allow you to smell your photos


Have you ever seen the photos you took of a plate of food, a day at the beach, or a field full of flowers and thought that you wish you could smell them? Your wish is my command! Or almost. This new home gadget aims to achieve this. Or at least try. Is about Transcent, a device that seeks to associate photographs with a memory through aromas.

Transcent: Transform memory into scent

Transform memories into aromas or essences. This is the motto of this very original device. To better understand it, its developer, Youngseok Koh, has created a video series so that we can see it in a simpler way.

But, in which way, we also want to explain how it works. Smells are achieved through capsules that are inserted into the device itself and that they are capable of emitting aromas, something like a more traditional aroma diffuser. From the mobile, we can launch images from our gallery to the device and what it does is select which is the majority color, within the group of CMYK primary colors (blue, magenta, yellow and black).

Depending on what the Two colors main offers the combination of two aromas, in the same proportion in which these colors appear. If, for example, the photo of a sunrise in Ibiza is 60% blue and 40% yellow, the combination of smells emitted would be 60% cotton and 40% citrus. The color blue emits aroma cotton, the color magenta smell flowers, the color yellow smell citric and the color black smell wood.

In this way, it is achieved that, with only four capsules, we can have a different smell for each photo and that, in this way, it is recorded in the brain.

Still unknown whether Transcent will go on sale and, in that case, when it will do it and the price at which we can buy it.

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