Tricks to dry clothes indoors without damaging them and quickly

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como secar la ropa en interiores.jpg

Although the ideal is to dry clothes in the open air, this is not always possible. If you don’t have a deck or outdoor clothesline, you’ll have to figure out how to drying clothes indoors. We are going to help you do it in the best possible way. These tips can help you whether it is the first time you are facing this need or if you have already been doing it, so that your clothes do not spoil and you get them dry as soon as possible.

How to dry clothes indoors

The first step is to have a drying machine. It is essential to remove as much moisture as possible, but depending on the fabric of the garments, the amount of clothes you have put in or even the quality of the dryer, a little moisture may still come out. For these cases, the following tips go.

First of all, you have to choose a folding clothesline that you can move easily so you can put it in the best place. Never dry clothes on radiators or heaters, as this may cause the output of the mold and that the clothes are spoiled. When you go to lay it, shake each garment well and try not to put those that have a higher degree of humidity too close together, insert it so that the humidity does not transfer from one to the other. You should also place the clothes well by size. The largest or with more humidity put them in the front, while the smaller ones, such as underwear, or sportswear, which tend to dry faster, you can put them behind.

Place the clothesline in front of an air sourceWhether it is a fan or a window, if the sun hits it, it will also dry faster, although keep in mind that the colors are spoiled by the sun.